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The Poultry Udder Waterer - Automatic, Clean, Hygenic Bird Waterer

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The Poultry Udder Waterer - Automatic, Clean, Hygenic Bird Waterer

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  • Easily attaches to garden hose
  • Clean & Hygenic
  • Keeps dirt and droppings out!
  • Works with High & Low Pressure
  • Black plastic stops light & eliminates algae
  • Compact design 
  • Waters up to 50 birds


The Poultry Udder, Automatic Bird & Pet Waterer makes providing fresh, clean water to your birds and pets easy.  Simply connect the Poultry Udder to any regular garden hose and the Poultry Udder will refill itself providing a constant supply of fresh, clean water all day every day.  The Poultry Udder was designed to address a lot of the problems of other waterers on the market.  

  • Easily attaches to a garden hose fitting
  • Automatically refills making sure your birds or pets have a constant supply of fresh, clean water
  • Works with High Pressure OR Low Pressure
  • Clean & Hygenic
    • No open troughs, keeps all the dirt and droppings out!
    • Clean water can help prevent disease and poor bird or pet health
  • The Black plastic sphere stops light transmission which virtually eliminates algae growth
  • Compact design means that the Poultry Udder can fit into almost any size coop
  • Even with its compact size, the Poultry Udder can water up to 50 birds
Additional Information

Add'l Information

Weight (lb) 0.8125
Capacity No
Condition New
Country of Origin No
Dimensions 7" x 7" x 7"
Material Plastic
Model The Udder Waterer
Style No
Product Questions

Product Questions

Is it possible to heat these to keep them from freezing in the winter?

Unfortunately we do not have a way to provide direct heat to the Poultry Udder.

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When will you be getting these back in stock?

This product was market out of stock because it needed some design changes. Currenty there are not any plans to have it back in stock in the near future.

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