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Duck Egg Incubator

Baby Duckling The Hova-Bator and Little Giant incubators work great for incubating all breeds of duck. The Hova-Bator and Little Giant with universal/chicken egg racks accommodate duck eggs nicely. Each turner can hold up to 41 duck eggs. All of our combo kits also work great with duck eggs.

Ever wondered how to hatch duck eggs?  Well, it is very similar to other bird eggs.  But one of the primary differences is the amount of humidity they require.  If you are hatching duck eggs, you'll want to increase the amount of humidity in the duck incubator.  Keep in mind that in the wild, a mother duck will occasionally take a swim and come back all wet as she re-settles on her eggs.  So in your duck incubator, simulate that by increasing the humidity more than for chicken or other poultry.  Another question you'll need to answer as you explore how to hatch duck eggs is how long to incubate them.  Most breeds require about 28 days of incubation. 

The similarities in hatching duck eggs to other eggs are that you need the same temperature (about 99.5 degrees F), the duck eggs need to be turned and you'll need a safe environment for them.  A duck incubator can be the same incubator you use for other eggs.   So if you already hatch chicken eggs and you want to try hatching duck eggs, you'll likely already have everything you need. 

Do you have other questions about how to hatch duck eggs?  Please drop us an email and we'll help you out.