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We have what you need to build a homemade incubator

But how to build an egg incubator?  Your very own homemade egg incubator? Don't let the seeming complexity frustrate you!  We'll show you a device that will make a homemade egg incubator something to smile about.

Well, have you heard the buzz about the IncuKit?  This nifty little device lets you easily turn your own container into an incubator. 

It takes a thermostat and integrates a heater with a circulating air fan to give you the heart and brains of your very own egg incubator!  

You can add a low RPM DC motor to make your own egg turner with the IncuKit DC model.  It has a control mechanism built in to control the power to the turner motor and a timer to tell it how often to turn on and for how long.  We also offer both low RPM AC motors for those interested in the AC IncuKit models. 

For generations DIY'ers have sought to build their own homemade egg incubator.  There are other sites that show you how to build an egg incubator but then leave you high and dry to find the random parts yourself.  The Incukit makes creating your homemade incubator very simple. 

For videos showing how these work and how to install them, please see these videos:

225W Incukit, see this listing, near the bottom of the page: 225W IncuKit
IncuKit DC, see this listing, near the bottom of the page: IncuKit DC
150W IncuKit, see this listing, near the bottom of the page: 150W IncuKit

For a few tips on other aspects of how to build an egg incubator, see this link: Easy Homemade Incubator