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Little Giant 9300 Kits Test

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Little Giant Incubator 9200

We have combined all of the basic accessories that are commonly used for incubating eggs into simple incubator combo kits for the Little Giant incubator.  The Little Giant incubator is manufactured by Miller Manufacturing and is becoming a well-known and respected brand of table top incubators.   

The Little Giant incubator is a small incubator, known as a table-top incubator.  The Little Giant 9200 incubator is approximately 19” x 19” and has an egg capacity of 41 eggs if used with the automatic egg turner and between 45-55 if used without the automatic egg turner.   This small incubator is great as a beginner incubator or for an advanced user.  The Little Giant incubator has a nice electronic thermostat controlled by a small turn knob on the top of the incubator cover.  This small incubator is ready to go.  For the still air version, just plug it in!  For the forced air version, the fan kit is very simple to install. 

Many of our customers have used incubators for doing much more than just hatching eggs.  Some of our users have used incubators as an initial brooder, raising mushrooms, making yogurt, making koji for Japanese dishes, hatching reptile eggs and many, many more uses!  Send us your ideas of creative ways you have used incubators!