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Reptile Incubators are electrical devices used to regulate the temperature of an insulated space.  Reptile incubators are typically still air incubators and use ONLY an incubator thermostat and a reptile heater or incubator heater.  Reptile incubators must have a sterile reptile incubation medium or reptile incubation substrate to put around the eggs to keep them moist during incubation.  While incubating reptiles inside a reptile incubator temperature and humidity are both critical, using a digital thermometer and hygrometer is recommended.  

Using a snake incubator or a lizard incubator is simple.  There are 3 critical elements: incubator temperature, incubator humidity, and incubation duration.  The temperature inside your snake incubator or lizard incubator will depend on the species of reptiles you are incubating.  For reptiles in general the temperature can range from 70 to 92 degrees.  The temperature that you set your snake incubator or lizard incubator to can determine the sex or gender of the babies.  The humidity inside your snake or lizard incubator is critical, if the humidity is too low then the eggs will cave in and dry out.  

Reptile heaters can be used for 2 purposes: reptile egg incubation and warming of reptiles.  Flex-watt heat tape is a great reptile heater because it does not get hot enough to burn, flexwatt heat tape comes in may widths (3 inch, 4 inch, 11 inch, & 21 inch) and then you can choose how many feet long you want it.  It is a simple heater for reptile incubators and reptile heat mats and reptile heaters.