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Dimmer Cord

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Dimmer Cord

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Dimmer Cord for Flex Watt Heat Tape


This dimmer switch is perfect for use with Flex Watt heat tape.  

This allows you to control the amount of power that goes into Flex Watt and as a result, controls the temperature.  

Total length of the cord is 5 feet. 

Works for 110 Volt (100 watts MAX) & 220/240V (200 Watts MAX) Power

Flex Watt is a great way to heat many applications.  Some examples include: 

Egg incubators
Reptile cages
Reptile warm spots
Dog houses
Seed germination mats 
Plant starts
Satellite discs
Desk warmer
Keyboard warmer
Foot warmer 
...and just about anything else you can think of that you would want to warm up.   

This dimmer switch allows you to regulate how much power goes to the Flex Watt heat tape so you can increase or decrease the temperataue.  It can also help ensure you don't overheat the tape.  Very simple to use, just plug the cord from your heat tape into the dimmer plug and then the dimmer plug into the wall.  That's it!  The knob turns to let you regulate how much power goes in.

Let us know if you have any questions.  

Would you like to see how to configure Flex Watt?  Please see these three instructional videos.  The dimmer in this listing replaces the turn-style dimmer in these videos.  After you attach it to your Flex Watt, it requires NO additional wiring, just plug it in!  

Video #1: Shows how to attach the clips insulators.  Video #2: Shows how to splice in the dimmer.  Video #3: Shows how to mount Flex Watt using foil tape.  




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