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Low cost electronic thermostat for egg incubators

Low cost electronic thermostat for egg incubators

Today we are testing samples of a brand new thermostat that we hope to start selling very soon.  This thermostat provides a mid-ground between the bi-metal mechanical thermostats and the digital electronic thermostats that we sell.  Here are the specifications for this new thermostat:

  •   -110 Volt AC (Sorry no 220 Volt version yet)
  •   -Heater Indicator Light
  •   -Temperature Control Range Switch (Narrow or Wide)
  •   -Easy turn temperature adjustment shaft
  •   -Solid State Electronic Controls (No Mechanical Switching)

Probably the most unique feature of this thermostat is the Temperature Control Range Switch.  If you have ever used the Little Giant 9200 or 10200 egg incubator you will understand the value of this feature.  In order to accommodate reptiles and bird eggs you need a thermostat that will control temperatures in the 80’s for reptiles and near 99.5 for birds.  This large control range on your thermostat makes it very difficult to make small changes to your temperature.  This low cost electronic thermostat for egg incubators has a temperature control range switch with two selections (Narrow and Wide).  When the thermostat is set to Narrow the control range is very small around 99.5, this makes it very easy to make small changes to the temperature inside the incubator.  When the thermostat is set to Wide the control range is larger (around 75-110 degrees F), this allows this thermostat to be used for reptile incubation, fermentation, sprouting, yogurt making, and anything that needs a low cost electronic thermostat. 

Watch for this product to be available in the Thermostat section of our website.

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IncuView All-in-One Tabletop Incubator

We are proud to announce that the long awaited IncuView™ all-in-one egg incubator is finally available for purchase.   In an effort to provide an incubator that comes with the technology of more expensive incubators and everything you need to successfully hatch eggs we have created the IncuView™ all in one incubator.

Here is a list of some of the key features:

Proportional Heat Control- The IncuView™ has a proportional thermostat similar to thermostats found in expensive high end incubators. The proportional thermostat varies the amount of heat as the temperature inside the incubator gets closer to the set temperature. This provides a tighter temperature range than a standard electronic thermostat which provides a more successful hatch.

Transparent Dome- This is probably one of our favorite features of the IncuView™ because it makes the hatching experience more exciting and enjoyable. The transparent dome provides a full view of the incubator which makes it possible to see all of the eggs as they hatch.

All Plastic Construction- The IncuView™ is constructed out of a durable plastic similar to high end incubators. The all plastic construction makes the IncuView™ very durable and easy to clean so it will provide successful hatches for many years.

All in One Design- One of the most common comments that we have received from customers is how they are frustrated that they have to purchase all of the components separately to get the incubator they want. The all-in-one IncuView™ features a built in thermometer, hygrometer for measuring humidity, water channels for humidity control, and a programmable automatic egg turner that can accommodate eggs sizes from quail to goose all for one price.’s One-year Hassle-Free Guarantee- We stand behind all of our products so customers can purchase with confidence.  

To view the full description and to purchase the IncuView™ all in one Incubator click here.



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Many of our customers have been asking about our soon-to-be released IncuView.  The IncuView is an all-in-one egg incubator that has some unique features that we are very excited about.  But the main question we are getting is when will it be available?  We hoped this would be available for the main incubation season this year.  But as is often the case, developing this new product has taken longer than expected.  The good news is that we are very close.  And the even better news is that our test results have been superb! 

This incubator combines some of the best features from some of the best incubators out there and combines them all in one. 

Here are some of the key features that we are very excited about.  First of all, this is very easy to use.  It provides a full panoramic view of what is happening inside the incubator.  This is SO cool when it comes time to watch your little chicks break out of their shells.  It comes with an integrated universal automatic egg turner.  The control module is easy to read and comes pre-set (but easy to adjust, if necessary).  The heaters and forced air fan are built in, along with the humidity monitor (hygrometer).  It plugs into your wall outlet but converts the power to 12V DC power so it is electrically very safe inside.  It can be powered by both 110/120V AC as well as 220/240V AC so it can be used anywhere in the world.  And it has a durable plastic shell which makes it easy to clean, easy to store and long lasting. 

Perhaps the best feature of all is that it won’t cost a fortune to own!  The specific price has not been set yet, but it will be very affordable for the type of incubator that it is. 

So far this has been tested with chicken, quail, duck, goose, turkey and pheasant eggs.  Please stand by because we are only a few weeks away from making this available.     

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 Introducing the 225 Watt IncuKit(tm)

This is an all-in-one kit designed to be the heart and brains of your cabinet incubator.  It allows you to convert a cabinet-sized enclosure into an incubator!  You can use an old large cooler, wooden box, large cardboard box,  refrigerator, plastic box, glass box, whatever!  And with the IncuKit you can make it into an incubator.  Pretty cool, eh?  Well, actually it's pretty hot and it works pretty well. 

This little device includes the following:

  • Electronic Pre-Set thermostat designed specifically for incubators by
  • A high-output 120mm AC fan with protective screen
  • Nicrome heating wire rated at 225 watts with protective screen
  • Mounting nut, screw and washer
  • Installation and operating instructions

Easy to install and set up.  Just drill two holes in your container, one for a mounting screw and one for wires to come out.  Then screw the IncuKit into place with the a screw (included) and plug in the color coded wire into the thermostat.  Mount the thermostat to the outside of the incubator and you are ready to plug it in!  It's so easy!!

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New and Improved IncuKit

9/17/2010 2:10 PM

New and Improved IncuKit is on its way!

The makers if the IncuKit are happy to announce that there is an new and improved model on its way.  This is a great way for the DIY're to build their own incubator just the way they want it and still have the consistant temperature that a good hatch rate requires. 

The new IncuKit will be approximately 40 watts of 12V DC power.  The really exciting part is that it will be electronically controlled, have a slick LCD digital display of the temperature, allow the user to program the target temperature, control the fan speed and even have a timer to tell you how far along you are in your hatch.  And for those who wouldl like to use the thermostat to control a turner, there is a function that will allow you to control a DC motor (that you provide) that can turn your eggs.

Samples of the new DC IncuKit have now passed our tests and we're working out production details with the manufacturer. 

Here is MORE good news: The high wattage AC version fo the new and improved IncuKit is nearing completion!  This will be used for those who need more power than the low voltage version provides.  The AC version can be used to power a large cabinet style incubator up to 1000 watts!  And it will include all of the handy features that the DC version provides. 

Stay tuned!

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Introducing the IncuKit

2/5/2010 7:20 AM

The is happy to introduce the IncuKit(tm)

This is a handy little device designed for the do-it-yourself incubator builder.  It includes a forced air fan, heating system and thermostat all packaged together in a small, handly little bundle that you simply add to your enclosure to make it an incubator.  It's really that easy!

Click here to see a video on how to use the IncuKit(tm): Video

We have two vesions of this kit.  One is a lower power DC version, which will produce about 38 watts of power.  The second is a higher power AC option and will provide over 100 watts of power.   Feel free to email with any question you may have to

UPDATE: There is a revised version of the IncuKit being designed right now!  There will still be a low and a high wattage option, but it will have an electronic thermostat!  You can set the thermostat with the digital readout and you are all set! We are very excited to be able to offer this new version.  Stay tuned for an annoucement on the release date. 

UPDATE: the older vesion of the DC IncuKit has been discontinued in preparation for the launch of the newer version.  The design has passed testing and we're working with the manufacturer for production.  Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Final plans are finished and production is in progress!  We look forward to posting this great new product in the coming weeks!

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