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IncuView™ All-In-One Automatic Egg Incubator Deluxe Combo Kit

IncuView™ All-In-One Automatic Egg Incubator Deluxe Combo Kit

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  • Incubator Warehouse Incubator Control Module™
    • Pre-set proportional digital thermostat (99.5 F)
    • Digital display of temperature
    • Automatic temperature control in °F or °C
    • Hatch Timer
    • Control number of egg turns per day
  • Built-in humidity gauge
  • Automatic universal egg turner (Any size egg up to Goose)
    • Egg Capacity: 27 chicken*, 49 Quail*, or 17 Goose*
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Transparent dome for easy viewing
  • Easy-to-fill humidity rings
  • 12V DC power (Allows 110V OR 220V Input)
  • IncuBright™ Egg Candler
  • Incubator Warehouse 1 Year Hassle Free Guarantee

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Price as configured: $183.00



After years of development and testing, we are excited to present you with the IncuView egg incubator.  The IncuView™ has been designed to be an affordable alternative to other expensive plastic tabletop incubators on the market today.

The IncuView™ egg incubator comes with many of the same features that the high-end, expensive incubators have, yet at a fraction of the cost. We have designed the IncuView™ to help you  manage the critical factors that influence the success of your hatch:


The proportional thermostat automatically controls the temperature by varying the amount of power that is supplied to the 40 watt heater instead of simply turning the heater off and on. This provides more precise temperature control over a standard on/off thermostat, and thus improves hatch rates. The IncuView™ also comes preset at 99.5 degrees F which is recommended for most eggs, yet can be easily adjusted if necessary, and a digital display makes it easy to read the current temperature.


Built-in humidity rings and dial hygrometer (for humidity monitoring) allows the user to easily control humidity.  The humidity guage doesn’t just display the humidity percent, it shows you what range you should keep your humidity at for each phase of the incubation cycle.  The flow-over humidity rings make it easy to fill just one, two, or all three humidity rings.

Egg Turning

The built-in automatic egg turner gently rolls the eggs six times per day (number of turns is adjustable), which prevents the yolk from settling while exercising the embryo.  This rolling action is a close copy to how eggs are turned in nature.  The universal tray also allows any size egg up to goose (27 Chicken*, 49 Quail*, 17 Goose*

*Capacity may vary based on egg size

Hatching Period

The built in hatch timer keeps track of the days so you don’t have to.  The clear dome lid allows for a panoramic view of the eggs, offering a great hatching experience. The durable plastic construction makes the IncuView™ easy to clean.

The IncuView™ operates on low 12 Volt DC power and includes an AC-to-DC converter that works with both 110/120v and 220/240v power input. In case of power outages, the IncuView™ can also be powered with a 12V battery (additional battery connectors required).

As always, all of our products are covered by our One-year Hassle-free Guarantee. Purchase today with no worries and experience the IncuView™ egg incubator for yourself.

Incu-Bright Egg Candler

The Incu-Bright was designed with ease of use and affordability in mind. 6 ULTRA-BRIGHT, super cool LED lights illuminate your eggs for easy viewing without cooking them. The soft rubber and plastic edges protect your eggs from damage and create a tight seal around the egg.  The Incu-Bright is brighter & easier to use than the HovaBator Cool-Lite Egg Candler.  

Optional Accessory (Select above)
Picture Upgrade
Incubator Humidity System  $119

HumidiKit™ Automatic Humidity System

  • -Automatic and accurate humidity control
  • -Set your desired humity and it does the rest
  • -Programmable digital hygrostat
  • -Easy to install & use 









Product Instructions

IncuView™ All-In-One

Additional Information

Add'l Information

Weight (lb) N/A
Capacity 27 chicken*, 49 Quail*, or 17 Goose*
Condition New
Dimensions 12x14x16
Circulated Air Yes
Material Plastic
Sanitation Liner Yes
Style Tabletop
Thermostat Type Automatic Digital Proportional
Voltage Low Voltage (12V DC)
Watts 48 Watts
Window Size Full

Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

Hatching Success
Bought this incubator with humidikit last year. 20 if the first 27 eggs hatched last year, this year 26 of 27 hatched. Wish I would have spent the extra money and bought this model first!
Review by Chuck / (Posted on 4/26/2018)
Love this incubator
Received my incuview with humidikit just over three weeks ago. We set the unit up and tested temps and humidity for a day or two before putting 27 eggs in. 19 days later, the first chick hatched. Today, (Day 21) chicks 19 & 20 made their appearance. Using the included candeler, looks like another may be coming. This is my second incubator, and the first time I've ever had any real success.
Review by Chicken Neck Charlie / (Posted on 4/23/2017)
A very nice incubator!
After comparing many incubators, I settled on this one. I like the easy-to-clean plastic construction compared to styrofoam. The temp ran a little low, but a phone call to IW made it simple to adjust. The first time I ever incubated, I hatched 15 of 18 eggs. The second time, I hatched 7 of 7. Not bad for a newbie! A lot of research, and this awesome incubator made it possible!!!

Pros: Large viewing window. Easy to clean. Maintains steady temp in a stable temp room. Easy on the eyes. Great value.

Cons: Thin bottom section is a bit flimsy. Turner arm had too much over-travel, pushing the turner tray hard against the end walls... which shifted the lid... causing temp swings. I bent the arm in, which allowed a small gap between turner tray and end walls. Problem solved.

Summary: After breaking in, some minor adjustments, and tweaking, it's a rock-steady incubator. If you want a great incubator with great support, this is it. While not high-capacity, it's fantastic for smaller batches (up to 27 large chicken eggs).
Review by Ur-ur-ur-urr!!! / (Posted on 2/4/2016)
Product Questions

Product Questions

Does this model have the digital or the analog humidity gauge?

The IncuView All-In-One incubator comes with a digital hygrometer.

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