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Does this include the mounting hardware?


Do you accept purchase orders?
What methods of payments do you accept?
Will the heat tape automatically calculate the correct price?
Will this controller work with a different actuator?


Once I place my order how long does it take to ship out?
Once my order is shipped how long will it take for me to receive it?
How long does it take an order to ship to Canada?
How long will it take my package to ship internationally?
What shipping companies do you use?
Will you send cabinet incubators to Canada?

One-year Hassle Free Guarantee

What does your guarantee cover?
Can I return my purchase if I am not happy with it?


Once I send back my return how long does it take to a refund?

Product Questions

How do you connect the power leads to Flex Watt heat tape?
What type of material are the GQF Sportsman cabinet incubators made of?
Does this thermostat replace the thermostat on the Little Giant 9200?
Can this door be mounted on exterior of Coop? Does it operate on 12 volt power?
What is the wattage of the HumidiKit?
How many watts is this and does this take 12 Volt DC?
Can I use this for ostrich eggs and is there is egg trays for ostrich eggs?
How many IncuKit XL extensions can I put together to get to where I need to reach?
What size of an incubator will the IncuKit heat?
How do I determine what wattage of heating element I will need for my incubator?
Any idea when you'll have stock of the Incuview XL?
For the IncuView incubator, do I remove the vent plug during lockdown for increased air circulation?
Is this product good for prolonging the life of my incubator?
How many homemade trays can this control, made of osb approximately 2ft x 2ft?
What is the physical size of this?
What are the inner dimensions? Are there temperature settings and can temperatures be adjusted?
What is the temperature range limitations for this device?
Can you set the humidity range or do you set a specific humidity level you want and will it stay at that?
Is it possible to heat these to keep them from freezing in the winter?
How much room is there on the inside the incubator, from the bottom of the incubator to the top of the plastic lid at the highest point?
What is the average life span of this incubator? Also, how is technical maintenance handled? Can we add an additional motor, etc.?
Can this incubator reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit?
Where do I find instructions for setting the AutoCoop timer?
Does the water for humidity go in through the top of the incubator or are there holes in the sides?
Would the HumidiKit work with a larger cabinet incubator?
How often do you change the medium?
How tall are the GQF quail egg trays?
Can I get just the coil wire to this element?
For an acrylic snake tank, can this be placed underneath the tank? How does it stick to tank?
Does the timer have a backup battery inside it?
Can I purchase a replacement bottom of the HovaBator incubator?
I got my heat tape but it came without plugs why? And how do i get it with plug ends?
Can I get the instructions on how to program the autocoop door opener please?
What is the size of the male end of the barrel plug for the IncuKit Mini?
How many day old poultry can the brooder handle?
What is the wattage of autocoop laylight?
Can this be wired to a 12V DC battery for use in a mobile coop?
If you buy a 12' roll can you cut the length?
When will you be getting these back in stock?
How many watts does the 11 inch heat tape use??
Can the temperature probe be extended? (i.e. is it resistive or thermocouple junction?)
Does the automatic refill system for cabinet incubator automatically maintain a constant water level until the reserve water is completely empty?
Is this thermostat compatible with the little giant 9300?
Does it turn eggs?
Does this model have the digital or the analog humidity gauge?
Will this probe fit through the hole in the top of the IncuView?
Do you make a taller and wider door?
Can I buy just the power cord for the still air little giant incubator?
Do these Little Giant quail trays work in the Hovabator egg turner?
How many amps do the brooder lamp and infrared heat lamp pull?
Can this incubator be used for lizard eggs?
Can I please get the assembly instructions for this product?
A couple questions.Is the temperature adjustable and if so how much adjustment is there. (Im sure it is but thought i should ask)If I hook this to one of your egg turner motors can the control unit control how many times the eggs are turned in a day or does it just keep the motor on?
Another question, does the fan stay on continually or is it only on when the fan is running? What kind of heat source does the unit have? Thanks again .
What is the probe dimensions?
What voltage does this take?
Bought one of your 1588 Hovabators with the flat black egg turners... instructions talk about some metal grate and what side to have up... there is no metal grate but just a plastic one.
How many watts is the 4" Repti-Warm heat tape?
Will this work with a Brinsea Ovation Advance? There does not appear to be a place to insert the hose or the sensor.
Does this brooder work for turkey poults? If so how many at 2 weeks and how many at 4 weeks?
Do you know if this product will fit the base of the Little Giant styrofoam incubator?
Will the trays and covers work for peafowl or are they to small?
Will the probe unplug from the unit so that you could back feed the probe through the vent hole of a genesis 1588?
Will this work with the IncuKit XL?
I have the unit and racks that turns 42 eggs can I get the racks for the quail eggs only?
Does it dehumidify the incubator if the humidity is too high?
Does it plug into the IncuStat Advanced? Or do I need to wire it?
The door opener has the time on it, but I can't get any of the programming buttons to work.
How many large egg setting tray fit in a 1502 incubator?
Is this light weather proof for outside weather conditions.
Does this model have a fan and what is used to heat it?
Does the hot air flow through the fan?
Is the probe designed so that the actual sensor is safe from mist or a quick spray, as might be encountered in a vivarium used for dart frogs and the like?
Does this come with 110v power supply?
Can this fan kit be added and used in the Little Giant Still Air Incubator?
What if it runs out of water on accident?
Does this product have a lead
Does the incuview come with an air circulating fan?
I know about the 1 yr warranty, but after that do you have parts for this model to buy, or just have to buy a whole new one?
What size trays do you recommend for guinea eggs?
Regarding the incukit xl heater: which wires do what? I would like to use it for a homemade incubator that already has a temp controller. What kind of power supply does the heater and fan need? 110 volt?
Is it possible to buy just the insulating tape by itself?
My motor seems to get very hot. Is this normal?
Is this incubator similar to the HovaBator 1588?
Can you program the actuator to open to a distance other than 100% open?
Can water get spilled on it? Do i put this inside the turtle tank or underneath it?
I misplaced the manual for programming by auto-coop door timer. Do you have an electronic version available on your website?
What happens if a chicken stands in the door and won't move?
Silly question... I would like to maintain a specific temp, can these be connected to a thermostat controller?


What if the humidity is higher than 60% during incubation?
Do you suggest removing the vent plug during lock down?
Do I need to turn the automatic turner off once they start to hatch?