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Little Giant

Little Giant Incubators are manufactured by Miller Manufacturing, their incubation line consists of the Little Giant 9200 (Little Giant Still Air Incubator), Litlle Giant 6300 Egg Turner, Little Giant 7200 Fan Kit, Little Giant 6302 Quail Egg Racks.  Little Giant Incubators are made in the USA, however the egg turner and accessories are not.  The Little Giant still air incubator (Little Giant 9200) is a basic egg incubator that can be used for reptiles and birds.  

For optimal performance we recommend using the Little Giant 9200 with a circulated air fan kit, this will turn your Little Giant still air incubator into a Little Giant circulated air incubator that will provide a more consistent and uniform temperature.  One of the most popular features of Little Giant Incubators is that they have an electronic solid state thermostat.