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Circulated Air Fan Kit for the Little Giant Incubator (Replaces 7200)

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Circulated Air Fan Kit for the Little Giant Incubator (Replaces 7200)
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  • For Little Giant or homemade incubator
  • Replaces 7200 Fan Kit
  • Full color installation instructions
  • Online installation video
  • Mounting hardware & sound/vibration reducers
  • Gentle Flow fan provides just the right amount of air flow
  • Simple one-point mounting system for easy installation


Did you know that at any given time the temperature in your Little Giant still air incubator can vary by up to 5 degrees from top to bottom and from the center to the corners? This occurs primarily because heat rises. This temperature variation can have a significant impact on your hatch rates.

This problem can be significantly reduced by installing a circulated air fan kit into your incubator. Since heat naturally rises, it is important to circulate the hot air from the warmer spots to the cooler spots, and vice versa, for a much more uniform and consistent temperature. This can have a positive impact on hatch results. The more consistent air temperature also ensures that your thermostat is cycling on and off at the appropriate times, not just when the air around the thermostat heats or cools.

Putting a fan inside your incubator is a great way to increase hatch rates, but it is not just as simple as buying a PC fan or a cheap fan kit. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

  1. Too much air circulation is BAD for eggs, as it will dry them out. If we think about it, there isn’t a fan blowing on eggs in nature. The only reason that an incubator needs the fan is to keep the temperature more consistent (like in nature). BEWARE of CHEAP kits. They often use HIGH speed fans. Almost all fans on the market are designed for cooling things, so they are made to move as much air as possible. This is not what you want.
  2. If your fan is too powerful it can OVERHEAT your incubator. Fans generate heat. Many people using alternative fans have come to check on their eggs only to find them cooked because the fan caused the incubator to overheat.
  3. The direction the air flows and the positioning of the fan inside your incubator is critical to maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the incubator.  Our Fan Kit includes simple instructions on how to do this.

Miller Manufacturing has stopped producting the 7200 fan kit, this fan kit replaces the 7200 fan kit.  

As always, all of our products are covered by our One-year Hassle-free Guarantee. Purchase today with no worries and experience the Little Giant Circulated Air Fan Kit for yourself.

Product Instructions:

LIttle Giant 9200 Fan Kit Installation 

Installation Video

Additional Information

Add'l Information

SKU -1083
Weight (lb) 0.6875
Condition New
Country of Origin Taiwan
Dimensions 3.6" x 3.6" x 1"
Circulated Air Yes
Material Aluminum, Plastic
Model Replaces 7200
Style No
Voltage No
Battery No
Capacity No
Sanitation Liner No
Thermostat Type No
Window Size No
Watts No
Product Questions

Product Questions

Can this fan kit be added and used in the Little Giant Still Air Incubator?

This fan kit will only work with the Little Giant 9200 still air incubator. 

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