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IncuTurn™ Automatic Egg Turner for HovaBator Egg Incubators

Product Review (submitted on April 24, 2017):
The Incuturn is easy to set up and works as advertised, gently rolling the eggs back and forth across the incubator. In previous years, I've used the yellow egg turner that tilts eggs back and forth. I liked the idea of the eggs moving more naturally with this egg turner.

One thing to note, I am a Kindergarten teacher and use my incubator to hatch chicks in my classroom each spring. As such, I don't have a huge load of eggs in the incubator (usually a dozen at max) which makes it easier for the eggs to get jostled around. In their excitement, my students have accidentally bumped the incubator, causing the eggs to roll out of their places into other rows. This resulted in two cracked eggs (luckily both unfertilized). If using this in a classroom setting (particularly with younger students), I recommend locating the incubator in a location that minimizes movement. It doesn't take a huge bump to knock the eggs out of position.