5 Ways to Use your Styrofoam Incubator in the Off-season

Here, in the Northern hemisphere the temperature has plummeted! Hatching season, for the most part, is over. Most of you will probably put your incubator in storage, but those who read this article will get the maximum amount of utility out of your incubator year-round! So take one of these ideas and put it to good use. (Note: This article is satirical; these ideas are not actually recommended).

1. Glove and sock Warmer. Who doesn’t love putting on a warm pair of socks or gloves

2. Food warmer, Roll warmer – Keep your cooked food at a constant 99.5 degrees until it’s time to serve.before entering the cold?

3. Small Christmas gift hider – This is the last place your kids will think of to look for gifts!

4. Candy bowl for trick-or-treaters

5. Personal Floatation Device - Styrofoam incubators float great! (Note: this has not yet been approved by the coast guard, use at your own risk).