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We have partnered with eFowl.com to fulfill your hatching egg needs for incubating. Through their extensive hatchery network, eFowl.com will have your order for fresh, fertile, chicken or duck eggs filled by the nearest hatchery to you. This assures you receive your eggs in the quickest, safest, and most efficient manner possible. eFowl.com provides a variety of breeds for chicken or duck. Follow the link below to get started purchasing the eggs you’re looking for:

eFowl Hatching Eggs

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  • We recommend purchasing your incubator and incubator accessories before purchasing eggs. It is recommended that your incubator be up and running at the proper temperature and humidity levels 24 hours before placing the eggs inside.
  • We recommend not cleaning any of the eggs with water if any arrive dirty. This can remove the protective coating on the egg that’s there to protect it from infections. If there is excessive dirt, it should be gently brushed off instead.
  • Eggs must be turned several times per day during incubation in order to exercise the embryo and prevent the yolk from settling on one side of the shell. We suggest purchasing an automatic egg turner to relieve you from the hassle of doing this yourself.
  • Once your eggs arrive, keep them stored between 40-60 degrees F with the point end down. Try to store them no longer than 7-10 days from the laying date before you start to incubate.
  • Having a circulating fan can increase your hatch rate by keeping a more consistent temperature. If your incubator is without a circulating fan you can find one here.
  • Sometimes you will receive extra eggs when you purchase them online. If you have more eggs than your incubator will hold, select which ones to place in the incubator based on these criteria: eggs that are the most normal shape/size, cleanest (not hand cleaned, just naturally clean), most recently hatched, and obviously, the most likely to have been fertilized.


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