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  • Question 1:  What is the difference between the Little Giant incubator and the Hova-Bator incubator? Answer: Both incubators hold the same quantity of eggs.  There are a few differences.  First, the thermostats are very different.  The Hova-Bator uses a mechanical wafer-style thermostat.  It works great but you will need to install it (not very difficult and comes with good instructions) and setting the correct temperature is just a little trickier than the Little Giant.  But once it is set, it h...
  • Hatching Eggs can be Fun & Rewarding Setting your eggs Eggs have the best hatch rate when stored for no more than 7 days before beginning to incubate. Allow cool eggs to warm slowly to room temperature before placing in the incubator .  Abrupt warming from 55 degrees to 100 degrees can cause moisture condensation on the egg shell which can lead to disease and reduced hatches. Humidity Control Humidity is controlled in order to prevent unnecessary loss of eg...
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