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  • Incubator Review HHD 56 Egg Incubator Incubator Review HHD 56 Egg Incubator VERDICT: Save your money and keep your stress levels down, do not buy this incubator. You can get better incubators for better prices…they just don’t look like a spaceship. ...
  • Question 1:  What is the difference between the Little Giant incubator and the Hova-Bator incubator? Answer: Both incubators hold the same quantity of eggs.  There are a few differences.  First, the thermostats are very different.  The Hova-Bator uses a mechanical wafer-style thermostat.  It works great but you will need to install it (not very difficult and comes with good instructions) and setting the correct temperature is just a little trickier than the Little Giant.  But once it is set, it h...
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