AccuHatch Pro™ Cabinet Incubator & Hatcher

$699.99 $879.99 -21% OFF

AccuHatch Pro™ Cabinet Incubator & Hatcher

$699.99 $879.99 -21% OFF

Main Features:

  • Incubator and Hatcher in one!
  • Automatic Water Re-fill Bucket included for Humidity Control
  • Universal Automatic Egg Turners Included  (Any size from Quail to Goose)
  • Holds 600 Quail Eggs, 280 Chicken Eggs, 160 Goose Eggs
  • Hatching Trays Included
  • Durable double plastic walls for better insulation and ding-resistance 
  • Door comes completely off (not hinged) - makes adding and removing trays easier
  • Temperature only in Celsius
  • 110V AC
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This is a great all-in-one unit for those looking for a cabinet incubator.  It comes with everything you need: an incubator, hatcher, automatic universal egg turners, circulating fan, tray liners, humidity control, extra water reservoir!  And all of this in a durable double-walled unit that will last for years. 

Weight : 66.0 lb


Ask a Question
  • What is the warranty on the incubator ?

    This product has a Full 2-Year Warranty.

  • What are the inner dimensions of the cabinet not including the water holder (looking to put frames of bees inside).

    The inside dimensions, not including the water tray: 21.5" wide and 23" tall.

  • Could you incubate and hatch at the same time?

    Yes! You can. Each turning shelf is independent, so you can just remove any turner and put the hatching tray in it's place.

  • What are the dimensions?

    The outside dimensions of the incubator are 23" wide, 19" deep and 35" tall (not including the water bucket on top).

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Customer Reviews

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1st & 2nd Hatch have gone great!

So far I love this product. The construction is great. Setup was easy. My first hatch went great. We did quail and got 100% of the fertile eggs. Now my 2nd hatch is underway and we've got tons of chicks popping out. I've attached a picture of our hatch underway.
Things I really like about this incubator: Everything is plastic so it's easy to clean, It Looks Great, Everything is included (egg turners, hatching trays, water refill bucket, hatching liners - to get all that in a GQF incubator you'd be in well over $1K.), So far it's been reliable, well built, The thermostat is very good and intuitive.
Things I think could be improved: Temperature is only in Celsius (not a big deal, just need to know that 99.5 F is 37.5 C and you are good to go,