New and Improved IncuKit is on its way!

The makers if the IncuKit are happy to announce that there is an new and improved model on its way.  This is a great way for the DIY're to build their own incubator just the way they want it and still have the consistant temperature that a good hatch rate requires. 

The new IncuKit will be approximately 40 watts of 12V DC power.  The really exciting part is that it will be electronically controlled, have a slick LCD digital display of the temperature, allow the user to program the target temperature, control the fan speed and even have a timer to tell you how far along you are in your hatch.  And for those who wouldl like to use the thermostat to control a turner, there is a function that will allow you to control a DC motor (that you provide) that can turn your eggs.

Samples of the new DC IncuKit have now passed our

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