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Monthly Archives: June 2013

  1. Making Fermented and Cultured Food with the IncuKit DC and the 100W IncuKit


    100 Watt IncuKit

    IncuKit DC



    Here at we specialize in products designed for incubating different types of eggs. However we have had some customers purchasing some of our items to make fermented/cultured food such as kombucha tea and kefir just to name a couple. The most popular item that we sell for this purpose is our heat mat, but we have also seen customers us the IncuKit DC and the

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  2. Brinsea Mini Advance Product Review

    We finally decided to do it.  We are now stocking the Brinsea brand of incubators.  We do not carry their full line of products, but we do carry most of their desktop incubators.  Today I will be reviewing the Brinsea Mini Advance.  The Mini series has 3 incubators the Brinsea Mini Eco, Brinsea Mini Advance, and Brinsea Mini Advance EX.  Below is a detailed summary of the difference between the three

    brinsea Mini Compariosn Chart


    Here is a picture of the contents of the box (I left a few promotional papers out of the picture)

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  3. Adjusting the

    Adjusting the’s Proportional Thermostat

    Proportional Thermostat

    The proportional thermostat is sold in three configurations: by its self, in the IncuKit™ DC, and in the 225W IncuKit. In all of these configurations the Proportional thermostat operates in the same way; reducing the power to the heating elements as the temperature approaches the desired level or set point but not fully cutting off the power (for proportional vs. standard thermostats click here). This provides a more precise temperature range than a standard electronic on/off thermostat. However, the proportional thermostat’s factory settings sometimes do not produce the de

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  4. What is an appropriate temperature range for my incubator?

    A common question we often get is this: What is an appropriate temperature range for my incubator? 

    We all know that the target temperature for incubating most bird eggs is 99.5 degrees F.  But we also know that getting an incubator to stay at exactly 99.5 degrees is just about impossible.  Egg incubators naturally have a temperature range that occurs as the thermostat controls the power going to the heating system.  In an on/off thermostat, the power turns completely off and then back on at full power.  As the heater cools down and then heats back up there is a delay before the air inside the incubator starts feeling the effect of the heating and cooling cycle.  This results in the temperature range that you will see as you monitor the thermometer in your incubator.  Even in a proportional style thermostat there is still a temperature range, though it is often less. 

    So what is an appropriate range?  It turns out that that is a pretty tough question to answer becaus

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