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Monthly Archives: August 2013

  1. Turning or not Turning? That is the question

    The Little Giant and HovaBator automatic egg turners work the same way, that is they both use an extremely slow turning motor (1/240 RPM to be exact)to gently rock the eggs back and forth. That means that for you to see the motor make any movement you would have to stare at it for about twenty minutes. Many customers do not realize that this is the case and assume that their turner is broken because it is hard to see any movement.

    So how do you determine if your turner is working or not? The answer is simple; first make sure the turner is plugged in (sounds like common sense but it has happened before) and then check it every hour. The automatic turner completes one back and forth rotation every four hours so in one hour the turner should have completed a quarter turn and in two hours a half turn and so on. If you chec

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  2. Common reasons why eggs don

    We all know it can be very frustrating when you invest time and money to incubate a batch of eggs and then get a very poor hatch rate.  And so often you are left wondering what in the world went wrong.

    We have made it a habit of investigating each of our hatches to determine, to the best of our ability, what went wrong and what went right.  We wait until at least a couple of days beyond the due date to ensure any late developers still have a chance to hatch.  Then we break open each of the unhatched eggs to see what we can learn.  I would like to describe the common issues we find and also those that others in this field of study have found.  Please note that this list is not in any particular order.    

    Unfertile eggs – Occasionally we are given reason to smile when a well-intentioned person has to be reminded that the rooster has a very important role in the process of bringing new chicks into the world.  Yes, eggs must be fertilized in order for t

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  3. Introducing the All-In-One IncuView Tabletop Incubator

    IncuView All-in-One Tabletop Incubator

    We are proud to announce that the long awaited IncuView™ all-in-one egg incubator is finally available for purchase.   In an effort to provide an incubator that comes with the technology of more expensive incubators and everything you need to successfully hatch eggs we have created the IncuView™ all in one incubator.

    Here is a list of some of the key features:

    Proportional Heat Control- The IncuView™ has a proportional thermostat similar to thermostats found in expensive high end incubators. The

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