The Incubation Challenge

NOTE: Most of my research and what I learned to complete the following challenge came from the Learning Center Tab on this very website. I am telling you this, so I do not have to keep saying it over and over in the following story.


I joined the team in January 2018 as an intern. I grew up on a small farm but had never incubated any eggs before. My family had always bought baby chicks from the local feed store when we needed to replenish the flock. When I began my internship, it came with a challenge entitled: The Incubation Challenge.


Challenge Rules:

  1. We could choose any tabletop incubator we carried or had available (lots of other brands and samples they have acquired and tested over the years were on a shelf in the office.)
  2. We had our choice of eggs to incubate
  3. We could not get any help from other employees. All our information and education had to be acquired
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