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Lisa Broadbent

  1. Scaly Leg Be Gone

    Written by Patrick Lisle Posted by Lisa Broadbent I have rescued many birds in my time and for some reason they all have come with scaly leg mites. I have a quick and safe way to deal with this and help your birds heal with a little time and dedication. While your new bird/birds are in quarantine to watch for any illnesses or unseen issues you can smother their legs in Vaseline. This will not only smother the little mites but it will allow their legs to heal and the scales to come off over time. I have had this take anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months. Check on them daily and keep their legs covered and you will soon have one less chicken problem on your hands.

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  2. Melon Bowl Slushy

    Written by Patrick Lisle

    Posted by Lisa Broadbent

    A quick and easy treat to help with the summertime heat waves is a frozen melon bowl. These are simple enough to make unless you want to be extra and make it gourmet...but I will keep it simple. First thing you do is halve a melon, watermelon works the best for this.

    Uncut Watermelon

    Scoop out all the innards and put them in a big bowl...then smash smash smash. Make sure the innards are now a nice pulp filled slush.

    Scooped out watermelon

    Dump this back into the melon bowl and freeze overnight.

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  3. Books for Your Brood

    Girl readingAt this time of year students in every educational setting are setting up data charts, loading incubators and hoping that each egg will hatch. They might be homeschooled, attending classes virtually or back to in person classes. No matter what form of schooling the children in your life are attending right now, there is a good chance that some of them will be incubating chicks. 

    Because I never did this project in school and I am not yet a parent, I learned about this through my job here at Incubator Warehouse. I got so excited hearing about all the plans teachers and parents had for these upcoming hatches, and loved chatting with them about which of our products would make it easiest on the

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