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Product Questions

How do you connect the power leads to Flex Watt heat tape?

For this heat tape there are actually several optoins to connect power leads. One option is to solder the leads on. Another more simple option that we provide is a connector kit which has what resembles an alligator clip that is crimmped onto the heat...

What type of material are the GQF Sportsman cabinet incubators made of?

The walls of the GQF cabinet incubators are made out of a PVC plastic material that is injected with air to make it insulate better.

Does this thermostat replace the thermostat on the Little Giant 9200?

The thermostat in this listing is to replace the current thermostat on the Little Giant 9200 incubator. If you remove the white plastic thermostat cover you will see a component that looks similar to this. You will need to remove that piece and then ...

Can this door be mounted on exterior of Coop? Does it operate on 12 volt power?

The coop door can be mounted on either the interior or exterior as long as the actuator, power supply, and control module are protected from the elements. The actuator is operated by 12 volt power. The kit comes with a power converter that converts 110...

What is the wattage of the HumidiKit?

The HumidiKit runs at roughly 30 watts.

How many watts is this and does this take 12 Volt DC?

The HovaBator 1588 runs at roughly 50 watts. All of the components on the incubator do operate on 12 Volt DC power but there is a power converter included that allows the incubator to operate on 110 Volt or 220 Volt AC power.

Can I use this for ostrich eggs and is there is egg trays for ostrich eggs?

The GQF 1502 cabinet incubator works very well for ostrich eggs when using the large egg setting tray. Each tray will hold up to 3 ostrich eggs depending on size and the 1502 can hold a total of 2 trays. Large Egg Tray - https://incubatorwarehouse...

How many IncuKit XL extensions can I put together to get to where I need to reach?

In theory you can run as many of these extensions as you would like, however, it will ultimately depend on the size of the incubator you are building that will affect the performance of the IncuKit. You do not want to make it too big as the 125 watt ...

What size of an incubator will the IncuKit heat?

There is not a predetermined size that the IncuKit will work for. This is because each incubator is built different and it is impossible to know which IncuKit will work for each design. There are several factors that will affect which IncuKit you will...

How do I determine what wattage of heating element I will need for my incubator?

One of the simplest ways to determine what size of heating element you need in an incubator is what we call the light bulb test. To perform this test, you simply place a light bulb(s) in the incubator with the approximate wattage that you think will ...

Any idea when you'll have stock of the Incuview XL?

Unfortunately we do not have a confirmed release date for the IncuView XL at the time of this question but we are hoping to have it ready for the start of the 2018 hatching season.

For the IncuView incubator, do I remove the vent plug during lockdown for increased air circulation?

Yes, with the IncuView and other incubators it is always a good idea to remove the vent plug for increased air flow and oxygen for the hatching chicks.

Is this product good for prolonging the life of my incubator?

Yes, IncuClean Sanitizing Spray help to prolong the life of your incubator by killing any potential bacterial or fungal build ups every time it is used between hatches.

How many homemade trays can this control, made of osb approximately 2ft x 2ft?

This turner motor might be able to handle 1 large homemade tray of that size...once eggs get added it may be too much for it though. We suggest using a cabinet egg turner motor, like this one (CABINET EGG TURNER MOTOR 110V AC | 1 RPM), as it is made ...

Does the fan blow downward (away from the heater) in the provided configuration? If so, can it easily be switch to blow upward (into the heater) to provide less direct air blowing onto occupants of the incubator chamber? For instance, can the wires to the fan be reversed to switch direction of the fan?Also, can the fan speed be significantly slowed or is there a point where the fan will no longer turn below a certain point?

The way the IncuKit Mini is set up the fan blows up, over the heating elements on the control module, there is no need to reverse it. There are a few settings changes that can be made in the control options but fan speed is not one of them.

What is the physical size of this?

The size of this heater/fan unit is (5 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 2 3/4").

What are the inner dimensions? Are there temperature settings and can temperatures be adjusted?

The inner dimensions for this unit are roughly 28 1/4” front to back, 14 1/2” wide, 28 1/4” high. The digital command center thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature with the push of a button.

What is the temperature range limitations for this device?

We suggest keeping the operating temps for this unit between 40 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can you set the humidity range or do you set a specific humidity level you want and will it stay at that?

For the HumidiKit all you will have to do is set the desired humidity level and it will maintain that level for you with only minor variances. 

Is it possible to heat these to keep them from freezing in the winter?

Unfortunately we do not have a way to provide direct heat to the Poultry Udder.

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