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Thermometers & Hygrometers

Incubator temperature (measured by an incubator thermometer) is the most important element to having a successful hatch, followed by incubator humidity (measured by an incubator hygrometer).  Selecting the right incubator thermometer and incubator hygrometer is critical.  At we have narrowed the selection to the best digital incubator thermometer and incubator hygrometer options around.  We have tested our digital incubator thermometer and incubator hygrometer products in actual incubation environments.

A quality incubator thermometer and incubator hygrometer (can be purchased as one combined unit called a digital incubator thermometer hygrometer) is critical to maintaining a consistent incubator temperature.  Maintaining 99.5 degrees (37.5 Celsius) incubator temperature will improve your hatch rates.  Our recommendation is to keep incubator humidity between 50-55% up until the last 3 days of your hatch period and then to raise the humidity to 65-70% for the last 3 days of the hatch.