Incubator Warehouse Insta Brooder™ Enclosed Brooder Pen for Hatchlings

$39.99 $52.99 -25% OFF

Incubator Warehouse Insta Brooder™ Enclosed Brooder Pen for Hatchlings

$39.99 $52.99 -25% OFF
  • Enclosed Vinyl Brooder Pen with a See-Through Removable Mesh Top
  • Velcro Opening in a Bottom Corner Allows for Power Cords to Run Out of the Pen
  • Collapses Down to the Size of a Dinner Plate and Stores in The Bag to Protect Your Brooder Between Hatchings.
  • Pen is Made of a Vinyl Material to be More Durable and Water Friendly Enabling You Clean Before Storing. (Let Dry Completely to Avoid Mildew and Mold Growth During Storage)
  • Includes 2 Disposable Brooder Drop Pan Paper Board Liners for Easy Cleanup
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The New Incubator Warehouse Exclusive Insta Brooder™ Enclosed Brooder Pen for Hatchlings is here and answers all your needs for a durable bird brooder! Fully enclosable with a removable mesh top ensures as your birds grow you can keep the top closed to ensure they do not escape and stay safe in their pen. The mesh roof ensures you never lose sight of them and can see everything happening in the brooder pen. A Velcro section in one bottom corner allows power cords to run out of the pen and keeps your birds from getting out. Comes with 2 disposable liners made to fit inside the unit and is textured to provide firm footing for your newly hatched chicks. These disposable drop pan paper board liners catch all your bird dropping and allow you to remove when the floor gets too dirty and covered in droppings. Made from a durable vinyl material the brooder pen can be washed off in the yard to remove any remaining dropping residue after your birds have been moved to their coop/cage. Please allow proper amount of time for the pen to dry before packing up to avoid mildew and mold growth and damage to your brooder pen. Once dry simply collapse and fold up and slide into its storage bag until your next hatch.

SKU : 1537


Weight : 1.28 lb


DIMENSIONS : Setup: 36" x 36" x 19" (hexagon) Collapsed: 9.5" (circle) and 3" (tall)

MATERIAL : metal, vinyl

MODEL : 1537


Color : Green

Style : Brooder


Ask a Question
  • How do I fold the insta brooder when not in use?

    1. Push one of the corners of the InstaBrooder™ inward until it folds into the center
    2. Continue folding until it is the size of one panel
    3. Ensure the black elastic folding strap is hanging out
    4. Grab opposite corners of the InstaBrooder™ and twist your wrists in opposite
    directions until the brooder forms a 9-10” circle
    For video setup and folding instructions scan the QR code or go to

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Customer Reviews

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Alma Driesel
Insta brooder

This is best thing I have ever bought so easy ! I bought 2 so I can put new cardboard bottom in it and move call ducks over to other brooder ! I luv this has made it so easy to keep clean

Chicken Mama

A whole lot easier than keeping them in my bathtub! I've used many things in the past and none worked as well as this brooder. It's covered, it's easy to store, and perfect for the small backyard breeder. Love it!

The Yakima Kid
Good product, minor issues

I found that this is a breeze to clean if you simply stack a half dozen of the liner sheets in it and fold them up to clean the area. The only problem I have had is before I started doing this, the chicks were able to make small holes in the bottom of the brooder when they scratched.

Removing bedding, and leaving them on the liners made cleaning a breeze, and buying the liners in bulk is a lot cheaper than buying chick bedding for an eight week brooding.

I liked the first one so much that I bought a second and I am using them both - one has bantams, the other large fowl.

I intend to shake them out, vacuum them, hose them out in the shower, and then disinfect them with a brooder of incubator disinfectant. They are much easier to handle than the stock tanks and boxes I used in the past.

The Kid
Convenient, liners make cleaning easy

I like it. I line it with a small stack of liners and simply remove the dirty one from the top. I don't add bedding, and the liners and the screen keep the dust and odor done.

At the end of the season I intend to shake it out, haul it into the big shower and wash it down, let it dry, hit it with an incubator/brooder disinfectant, dry it out and put it away.

The only drawback is that before I figured out piling a half dozen or so sheets of liner, some of the chicks scratched through the bottom, which means spills can now leak onto the floor.


Able to set this up in seconds! Love it. Are liners sold?