Fan/Heater Unit for IncuKit™ XL 220 V


Fan/Heater Unit for IncuKit™ XL 220 V

  • Fan & Heater Combo Unit for IncuKit XL
  • 125 Watt Heater
  • High Power Circulated Air Fan
  • 220V AC Power
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Fan Heater Combo Unit for the IncuKit XL. 125 Watt Heater and High Power Circulated Air Fan.  220V AC Power Click here to see the 110V North America Version.

SKU : 1299


Weight : 1.5 lb

MODEL : IncuKit XL Heater

VOLTAGE : International (220/240 Volt AC)

WATT : 125 Watts


Ask a Question
  • What size of an incubator will the IncuKit heat?

    There is not a predetermined size that the IncuKit will work for. This is because each incubator is built different and it is impossible to know which IncuKit will work for each design. There are several factors that will affect which IncuKit you will need to consider. A couple of these are the size, dimensions, and insulation. A good general rule of thumb for each size IncuKit is:

    IncuKit Mini- Table top size incubators like a HovaBator or Little Giant

    IncuKit XL With 1 x Heater/Fan – Approximately an incubator the size of an apartment refrigerator

    IncuKit XL With 2 x Heater/Fans – Approximately the size of a GQF Sportsman Cabinet incubator

    Before selecting an IncuKit we recommend performing a light bulb test to determine what wattage of heating element you will need. Click here to learn about the light bulb test.

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