225 Watt IncuKit now available!

225 Watt IncuKit now available!
 Introducing the 225 Watt IncuKit
by IncubatorWarehouse.com

This is an all-in-one kit designed to be the heart and brains of your cabinet incubator.  It allows you to convert a cabinet-sized enclosure into an incubator!  You can use an old large cooler, wooden box, large cardboard box,  refrigerator, plastic box, glass box, whatever!  And with the IncuKit you can make it into an incubator.  Pretty cool, eh?  Well, actually it's pretty hot and it works pretty well. 

This little device includes the following:

  • Electronic Pre-Set thermostat designed specifically for incubators by IncubatorWarehouse.com
  • A high-output 120mm AC fan with protective screen
  • Nicrome heating wire rated at 225 watts with protective screen
  • Mounting nut, screw and washer
  • Installation and operating instructions

Easy to install and set up.  Just drill two holes in your container, one for a mounting screw and one for wires to come out.  Then screw the IncuKit into place with the a screw (included) and plug in the color coded wire into the thermostat.  Mount the thermostat to the outside of the incubator and you are ready to plug it in!  It's so easy!!