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Power Supply & Cord for Nurture Right 360 Incubator
$24.99 $31.99
Replacement Power Supply for Nurture Right 360 Incubator. High Quality Incubator Warehouse Replacement (NOT OEM). Color: Black Standard 2-Prong U.S. Design. 110V-240V AC power input 12V 5A DC output.
5 RPM Egg Turner motor for IncuKit™ MINI
This motor is a 5 RPM 12V DC motor for the IncuKit DC. Use this motor to make your own egg turner. The IncuKit DC allows you to set an interval so the motor will turn on for a few seconds every few hours (Customize to your own turning needs)
Motor Arm and Bridge Pin for IncuView 2
Motor Arm and Bridge Pin for the IncuView 2
IncuView/IncuKit MINI Power Supply
Genuine power supply for the IncuView and IncuKit Mini. 110V-240V AC power input 12V 5A DC output.
Plastic Mesh Floor for IncuView 2
Plastic Mesh Floor for the IncuView 2. 13.87" x 11.5"
AccuMist - Automatic Humidity Management for IncuView 3 Pro
Automate your humidity in the IncuView 3
Power Supply for the KEBONNIXS Incubator
Power supply for the KEBONNIXS incubator. 110V-240V AC power input 12V DC output. Compatible with models KDI-12 & KDI12
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Replacement Bottom for IncuView 2 Incubator
Replacement Bottom for IncuView Incubator
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Turning Tray for IncuView 2 Incubator
Turning Tray for IncuView Incubator
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IncuView Replacemnt Lid (Lid only no Electronics)
Replacement lid for the IncuView Incubator

Are you looking for incubator parts?  How about an egg turner motor or replacement thermometer?

If you need incubator parts for your existing brand-name incubator or for the unit you are building yourself, we probably have what you need!

The egg turner motor has two options.  You can select the egg turner motor for 110/120V (North America) or 220/240V (most other countries).  The egg turner motor will fit the turners in the two most popular brands on the market.  

If you would like good reliable replacement thermometer, we have some options that are very popular and are a great addition to your incubator parts list.  We are often asked which option is best for a replacement thermometer.  We offer several options that work great.  It just depends on your preference. 

If you are looking for any incubator parts that are not listed on this page, please contact us!  We have more than is listed.  We have most anything you may need for the two most common brands on the market.  We will be adding more soon, but in the meantime, please contact us.