3032 - Valve/Float Assembly $29.99
Valve/Float Assembly for cabinet incubator. Compatible with GQF 3030 Water Reserve System.
3300 - Plastic Hatching Tray $50.99
Plastic hatching tray for current production GQF 1202A, 1402, 1450, 1502, and 1550 cabinet model incubators and hatchers. No cover necessary. Dimensions: 29'' long, 14” wide, 5'' tall
3012 - Motor, Fan, and Mounting Bracket $97.99
Cabinet model fan assembly for older cabinet model incubators. Includes motor, fan blade and mounting bracket.
Sold out
3067 - Cabinet Model Setting Tray $50.99
Optional setting tray for 1502 and 1500 cabinet model incubators. Sturdy metal construction with wire floor. Can be used with the No. 3059 or can be loaded with most types of plastic or paper trays for quick loading and unloading of incubator racks. This metal tray can be used without other trays if filled to maximum capacity where eggs are stacked against each other. Dimensions: 24.5” X 12.75”
3169 - 2 Fan Heater Assembly $128.99
Aluminum wall heater with two fans for current style cabinet incubators. This is a direct replacement for any GQF 1500 series (1502, 1500, 1550) cabinet incubator. It also converts either of the two older DC fan versions to the current fan/heater model. Instructions included.
3281 - Inside Sensor Assembly (2015 & Earlier) $80.99
Replacement inside sensor assembly for GQF 1500 series incubators with factory installed 3258 Digital Command Center. The date stamped on the back of the thermostat must be prior to 2016 to be compatible with this sensor.
3063 - Cabinet Door Hinges - Package of 4 $17.99
Set of four hinges for cabinet incubator doors.
Sold out
3045 - Door Gasket for Cabinet Incubator $13.99
Replacement door gasket for GQF cabinet incubators. Provides a seal to insulate the incubator when the door is closed. Measures 10' x 1/4'' x 3/8''
3059 - Large Egg Positioners - Package of 3 $32.99
Set of 3 positioners. Use 3 per setting tray (GQF item No. 3067) to hold approximately 12 to 18 large eggs. For use with goose and emu sized eggs. Purchase these if you already have metal setting trays in your 1502 or 1500 setting incubator. If your incubator only has the setting racks (current production models) order GQF item No. 0249 for use with large eggs. Metal setting tray shown in image not included.
Sold out
3051 - Cabinet Door Latch $6.99
One complete door latch for cabinet incubator door. Color black.
Sold out
3020 - Hygrometer Wicks for GQF 3018 and 3019 - Package of 2 $4.99
Replacement Hygrometer Wicks for GQF No. 3018 and 3019. Package of 2
Sold out
3031 - Auto Humidity Pan $60.99
Cabinet model humidity pan for cabinet model incubators includes valve and hose. Does not include nipple or water tank.
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3076 - Spare Parts Kit for Cabinet Incubators $75.99
Kit includes one switch (GQF No. 3006B), one complete wafer thermostat (GQF No. 3122), and one motor timer with switch (GQF No. 3023).
Sold out
3124 - Auxiliary Thermostat for Cabinet Incubator $39.99
Complete Auxiliary Thermostat for cabinet incubator. Includes surge guard and quick connect cord set for easy installation. Use GQF item No. 3122 in older cabinets without the quick connect. Adjustable between 75 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on room temperature. 22 Amp.
3068 - 1550 Hatching Tray Cover $59.99
Cover for GQF item No. 3066, Hatching Tray for cabinet model incubators.
3024 - Roller Switch for Drive Motor $13.99
Roller Switch for Drive Motor for cabinet incubator
-31% sale
3028 - Swing Arm with Cam $15.39 $21.99
Swing Arm with Cam; replacement part for cabinet incubator
Sold out
9045 - Bulbs for GQF 9046 Egg Tester - Package of 2 $6.99
Two replacement bulbs for the GQF No. 9046 COOL-LITE Egg Tester.
3023 - Motor Timer with Switch $116.99
Motor Timer with Switch for cabinet incubator
Sold out
3066 - 1550 Hatching Tray 24.5” x 14” $60.99
Hatching tray for Cabinet model incubators. Cabinet should be measured and compared with tray dimensions to ensure fit. Cover sold separately as GQF item No. 3068. Dimensions: 24.5” x 14”
Sold out
3025 - Turner Toggle Switch $15.99
Toggle switch for turner for cabinet incubator
Sold out
3069 - 1502 Setting Tray Rack 24.5” $57.99
Setting Tray Rack for 1502 Cabinet Incubator. 24.5”
3043 - Horizontal Support Bar for Cabinet Incubator $32.99
Horizontal Support Bar for cabinet incubators
Sold out
3175 - Turner Motor Assembly $129.99
Replacement turner motor assembly for cabinet model incubators featuring the 3258 digital command center. 110 VAC NOTE: If the incubator has a single fan and a 3258 command center, use the original galvanized brackets with the new motor.
Sold out
3258 - Replacement Command Center $219.99
3258 Command Center. For replacement of all GQF digital command centers. Important: Can only be installed in cabinets with an existing 3258 Command Center. Cannot be installed in cabinets without command centers or non-GQF incubators. 3282 SENSOR NOT INCLUDED (Sold Separately)
Sold out
3074R - Cabinet Incubator Door with Hardware $96.99
This is the standard door supplied with GQF cabinet incubators. Hardware included. Dimensions: 29 5/8" x 15 1/2"
Power Cord for GQF Cabinet $9.99
Replacement Power Cord for GQF Cabinet Incubators. Approx. 6 ft long
Power Switch for GQF Cabinet $14.99
Replacement Switch for GQF Cabinets.
3041 - Connecting Bar for Sportsman Model Cabinets $35.99
Connects turner assembly to turning trays in Sportsman models produced after 2007. Use #3040 in professional models.
3026 - Fan Mount $9.99
Mount for fan in cabinet incubator
3042 - Vertical Back Support for Cabinet Incubator $40.99
Vertical back support for cabinet incubators
Thermal Fuse for GQF Cabinet $14.99
Replacement Thermal Fuse for GQF Cabinet.
Replacement Alarm for GQF Cabinet $15.00
Replacement Alarm for GQF Cabinets
Egg Turner Kit for Cabinet Egg Incubators (DIY & GQF Cabinet) $199.99
This kit includes all the metal parts to assemble an entire cabinet turner assembly (3 Shelf) for a DIY incubator OR replacement for GQF cabinets (1500, 1502, or 1202E). TURNER MOTOR NOT INCLUDED (Sold Separately - SKU 3175 - Turner Motor Assembly). This turner fits egg racks 1243 (Quail), 1245 (Pheasant), 1246 (Chicken), 1248 (Goose/Turkey), & 1454 (Ostrich/Emu). Screws/ Bolts to attach to cabinet incubator walls NOT included, but all hardware to attach pieces together is included.
3282 - Inside Sensor Assembly (2016 & Later) $80.99
Replacement inside sensor assembly for GQF 1500 series incubators with factory installed 3258 Digital Command Center. The date stamped on the back of the thermostat must be AFTER 2016 to be compatible with this sensor.
Sold out
4500 - Moisture Pan with 2 x Humidity Pad $39.99
Moisture pan for cabinet model incubators. Includes 2 x humidity pads.
3040 - Connecting Bar for Professional Model Cabinets $37.99
Connects turner assembly to turning trays in Professional models produced after 2007. Use GQF #3041 in Sportsman models.