0537 - Heater & Thermostat for Box Brooder - 110V
Replacement heater and thermostat for GQF Box Brooders. 110 Volts
0490 - Brooder Thermometer (50°F to 120°F)
For use in all Box Brooders. Fits through 1 ⅛” hole. Measures from 50°F to 120°F.
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0582 - Auto Water 3 Kit for GQF 0703
$46.99 $66.99
Auto Water Kit for No. 0703 Poultry Brooder and Grow Off Pens Set. Includes float valves, plastic tubing, and garden hose attachment.
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0485 - Adjustable Brooder Thermometer
$14.99 $23.99
For use in GQF No. 0427 Brooder. Fits through 1” hole. Length can adjust from 6” to 9”. To keep chicks healthy and prevent loss, set brooder temperature to 100°F and lower temperature 5°F each week to wean chicks off of needing supplemental heat.
6% sale
0327 - 5 Drop Pans for Breeding Pen
$175.99 $165.99
Drop Pan for Quail breeding pens, intended to be used with GQF No. 0316 Battery Pen Stand. Captures quail droppings to protect lower quail (when used with stand) and provide easier clean up. Drop Pans should be used beneath each pen in the Battery Stand, one pan per pen. These are intended to be purchased as needed and not included with the individual GQF No. 0303 pen. This item is over-sized and has a minimum shipping weight of 30 lbs. Includes 5 Drop Pans. Dimensions: 26” X 31”
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0424 - Brooder Bulb 7 Watt, Blue - 6 Pack
Contains 6 blue bulbs. A low wattage light should be used to attract the baby chicks to the heating element, feed, and water. Red lights were used for years and are still preferred by some breeders. Blue lights have been the most popular in recent years.
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0544 - Plastic Trough for Poultry Brooder
Trough hangs on poultry panels for feed and water. 28 ½” in length.