Noble Nest™ Poultry Electrolyte Water Additive 15.9 g
15.9 g Poultry electrolyte supplement with trace minerals to help maintain proper electrolyte balance. Concentrated formula to be dissolved in poultry drinking water Intended to replenish electrolytes lost due to heat Can help chickens stay hydrated and healthy Contains vitamins, minerals and electrolytes A blend of vitamins and minerals designed to support flock health and help restore electrolyte levels in poultry following stress from heat, illness and other environmental changes. Heat stress is especially serious for chickens because of the difficulty in regulating their own body temperature. Excessive heat can put chickens at risk for an electrolyte imbalance due to mineral loss. These minerals may not always be replenished through their diet, which is why supplementation is so important to maintain a healthy and normal electrolyte balance. Sodium is critical for normal nerve and muscle function as well as transport of many substances, such as glucose, across cell membranes. Magnesium serves as an electrolyte in the blood, as an activator of hundreds of enzymes, and as a participant in muscle contractions. Calcium has important roles in muscle contraction, blood clotting, enzyme regulation and hormone release.
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5184 - VetRx - 1 qt.
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VetRx may be used internally by mixing one ounce to each gallon of drinking water, or externally by applying a few drops to affected area; for sore throats, sore toes, scaly shanks, eye worm, etc.