5 Best Incubator Hacks of ALL TIME!

5 Best Incubator Hacks of  ALL TIME!

Upgrades, Modifications, Additions, Hacks whatever you want to call them, there are so many for your incubator. That’s why we compiled a list of the top 5 hacks to turn your boring old incubator into an extreme egg hatching machine!

1. Fan kit

This hack comes in as number one because it’s a simple addition that increases your hatch rate so much! There are many fans that you could add to your incubator but you need to be careful to get the right one. The whole idea of a fan in an incubator is to eliminate hot spots from forming inside. If you have a fan blowing too much air it could dry out your eggs. What you need is a gentle flowing fan that simply moves the air in your incubator. This is a must have modification for any still air incubator. Check out our selection of Fan Kits and see which one is best for your incubator!

2. Egg Turner

I’m not sure this can actually be considered a hack, at any rate adding an automatic egg turner to your setup will save you lots of time and hassle, especially with higher egg quantities. Building your own egg turner can be just as, if not more of a hassle. Let an automatic egg turner do the work for you! Find out which egg turner works for your incubator here.

3. Remote digital Thermometer/Hygrometer

Finding a thermometer and a hygrometer that is accurate and dependable can be quite a task. It could be even more of a task to find one that’s in one combo! A remote sensor is the cherry on top! With a remote sensor you simply insert the probe through a vent hole and you can monitor your incubator’s temperature and humidity from the outside. The IncuTherm Plus is a great example of an all-in-one thermometer/hygrometer with a remote sensor.  You can measure the maximum and minimum temperature and humidity. This comes especially handy when you want to find out how your temperature varies through time.

4. Automatic Humidity System

Let’s face it, keeping your incubator’s humidity at your desired level is difficult. It seems like you need to add water every day and the humidity still takes huge swings. This is why having an Automatic humidity system comes in at number 4.  Many people use the Plug n’ Play hygrostat and plug in their own humidifier into it. The HumidiKit is a hygrostat/humidifier combo which you simply insert the humidity hose into the incubator and the hygrostat will regulate the set humidity level of your choosing! If accurate humidity is a factor in your hatches then an automatic humidity system will make a great addition to your incubator!

5. Hatch timer

Sure, you can cross off the days on your calendar till hatch day, but a hatch timer will tell you the days, hours and even the seconds till your eggs should hatch! Then in the off-season you can use your new and improved incubator to count down the days till Christmas! An example of a great hatch timer is the p-timer. A unique feature this has is that it starts counting back up once it hits zero. This way you can accurately tell how early or late your eggs hatch, allowing you to adjust accordingly for your next hatch. The p-timer will also stick right to the top of your incubator! 

Make these additions/modifications to your incubator and you’ll be sure to have the “Ferrari” of incubators!