5 Quick Tips to Start Your Hatch

5 Quick Tips to Start Your Hatch
There a several things anybody hatching eggs should know. For simplicity sake I made a list of 5 things you should know for starting your hatch. If you would like a full guide on how to hatch eggs visit our Beginner's Guide to Hatching Eggs.
1. First and foremost, before you buy or collect your fertile hatching eggs make sure you have all your incubation equipment (i.e. Incubator, egg turner, thermometer etc.). Don’t wait until you have your eggs to buy your incubator.

2.  Place incubator in room where temperature stays fairly constant. This helps prevent large temperature swings during incubation.

3.  Stabilize air temperature in your incubator before setting eggs. This is especially important for manually adjusted thermostats.


4.  This one feeds off the last. Don’t panic if your temperature goes whacko after setting your eggs. This is completely normal. The reason is that the eggs bring with them a cooler temperature and it takes a few hours for the temperature to stabilize once again.

5.  Candle eggs after 3 days into incubation. If you don’t see any signs of development discard it. This prevents bad eggs from rotting and gives you a better idea of how many eggs are fertile. 


I hope you have a great hatch!