Little Giant 9300 Incubator Review

Little Giant 9300 Incubator Review

The Little Giant 9300 is completely replacing the previous 9200 model. Little Giant has made a huge upgrade by adding a digital control module similar to the GQF Genesis 1588. It reads both temperature and humidity. The temperature sensor sits on top of the eggs while the humidity sensor is towards the ceiling of the incubator. Instead of spending hours, and sometimes even days trying to stabilize the temperature with the little 9200 knob, the 9300 comes pre-set to 99.5 degrees F!

Another distinguishing feature is the way the incubator is heated. There is now a different heating element in the center of the incubator ceiling. It is a heated wire that winds around a hollow square box. The fan fits right inside the heating element box circulating the air upward and outward throughout the incubator. (The Fan kit is sold seperately).




  • Still has the same large viewing windows, same material and shape for the container and two removable vent plugs.
  • Reads both Temp and humidity
  • LCD Digital display
  • Pre-set temp (no more messing with the little knob trying to stabilize the temperature).
  • Large viewing windows
  • Good price point for what you’re getting (Still Air is $49.99 at


  • Lower quality circuitry
  • No fan in base model
  • No Celsius reading, only Fahrenheit


Bottom Line: This incubator is a better, more user-friendly model at a good price point. Click here to see the product page.