Automatic Watering Systems 101

Automatic Watering Systems 101

             It’s been scorching hot this summer! With all this hot weather it’s important to keep your flock well hydrated, and without an automatic watering system this could turn into a large task. Traditional “fill yourself” waterers can tip over and spill, they easily get filled with gunk and debris, require constant clean up and obviously require you to manually refill them. This is why I want to take you through a couple automatic watering options that we provide. Both systems are designed to be suspended above the ground to keep the birds from getting the water dirty and require very little clean up.

First is the Little Giant Automatic Fount. This fount comes in three different sizes depending on the size of bird, but they all work on the same principle: Gravity. This fount is designed to be suspended in the air so as the bowl fills up the weight of the water pulls down the valve to shut off the water. By being suspended in the air this also keeps dirt and other debris from getting into your flock’s water and keeping them healthy. As an added protection you can also purchase a bowl guard which basically acts as a roof for your fount. One con is that the fount is made for a ½” hose connection. To connect to a garden hose it requires an adapter which we sell separately.

To see the different sizes and accessories visit our store. 


Another option is the Automatic Nipple Bucket Watering System. Unlike the Little Giant founts, this system connects directly to any garden hose and keeps a constant reservoir of water inside the bucket with three nipples for the birds to drink from. Similar to the Little Giant founts this system is also designed to stay suspended in the air. A big advantage of using this system is that the water is sealed inside of the bucket and won’t let any dust or debris from entering and requires very little cleaning. Birds will typically learn within about 3 days to drink water from the nipples.

             The nipples are made of a shiny metal which naturally attracts the birds and makes them peck at it. This causes water to fall from the nipple which they learn to come back to when they’re thirsty. Other birds will catch on quickly and soon they’ll all be watered without breaking a sweat! To learn more about the Automatic Nipple Bucket Watering System visit our store.

              Both of these watering systems are great at constantly keeping your flock hydrated without requiring extra work. Let these waterers do the work for you. They’ll keep your flock healthy and happy through this hot weather. Beat the heat for your flock this summer by using an automatic waterer.