Common Questions You May Have

Common Questions You May Have
Question: What is the condition of the items you sell? 
Answer: Unless stated otherwise, everything we sell is brand new!
Question: What if I have a more detailed question about this item? 
Answer: We are more than happy to answer any questions you have about our items. Please be sure to read the entire listing description and details. It's amazing how many questions we are asked and the answers are already in the product description. But if you find your question is not answered, please send us a note and we'll get back with you. Thanks!
Question: I need help determining which incubator to purchase. Can you help? 
Answer: Yes! We have a detailed description of the differences in the incubators we offer. Please see this post:
Question: Where do you ship from?
Answer: Most items ship from Fruitland, Idaho in the USA.  Occasionally we will work with you to drop-ship directly fromt the manufacturer to reduce the shipping lead time.  But most everything ships from our warehouse in Fruitland. 
Question: Do you offer international shipping?
Answer: Yes, we can ship to nearly any country!
Question: What countries do you ship to?
Answer: We can ship to nearly any country!
Question: How much does it cost to ship to my country?
To get an estimate of how much it costs to ship to your location, go to the shipping quote section.
Question: What if my item has not arrived within the time period stated?
Answer: Once in a while, the shipping transit time takes longer than the site quotes. There are circumstances that occasionally arise that cause this, such as holidays or weather. Please check the tracking information provided in the shipping email you received for a current update.  That tracking status contains all of the info available.
Question: Do international shipments sometimes take longer than what the site quotes?
Answer: Sometimes, yes. The Customs Clearance process in your country is usually the largest factor in determining if your package will be on time or not. We do our best to package items in such a way that will make it easy for Customs Clearance. But sometimes they have a mind of their own and delays beyond our control may happen.
Question: Do you offer international tracking on shipped packages?
Answer: Yes, we do.  Once the item has been shipped, there should be a tracking number provided in an email sent to you.  See that tracking info and you will see the same information that we are able to see. We wish international tracking was a little more detailed, but we provide you everything that USPS provides.
Question: How do I track my package?
Answer: Just follow the link in the email or copy/paste the tracking number into the tracking window of the carrier that was used for your package (usually or  This provides all tracking details that are available for your package. 
Question: How do I know if my package has shipped?
Answer: You should a confirmation email at the time you place your order.  If not, please check your Spam filter, it may have been filtered out.  As soon as the item ships, you'll receive another email containing tracking information. 
Question: What if my country is not offered as a country you ship to?
Answer: We can ship just about anywhere. Please send us the details of your request and we can provide a shipping quote.
Question: Do you combine shipping to reduce shipping costs?
Answer: Yes! We are happy to combine shipments to provide the lowest cost possible.  Add each item to your shopping cart and then view the shipping quote section for your shipping charge. 
Question: Do you offer bulk discounts?
Answer: We are happy to discuss ways to reduce the cost of larger orders. Please email us with the details of your request and we'll see what we can work out.
Question: How do I pay for my purchase?
Answer: We accept Paypal, credit card, debit card and money order. 
Question: Can I use a coupon for an online discount?
Answer: We are glad to accept a coupon if you have the appropriate coupon code.  During checkout you will be given the option to insert a coupon code, if you have one.    
Question: How do I add something to my order?
Answer: If you have already completed your order, it has not shipped yet and would like to add something to it, please email us or call us and we'll work with you to get your additional items added at the lowest possible shipping cost. 
Question: Do you accept money orders for payment?
Answer: Yes! Please send us a message letting us know that is how you intend to pay and then send to:
JP Ventures LLC
2158 NE 16th Street
Fruitland, ID 83619
Question: How do I return an item?
Answer: We do accepts returns.  If the buyer is returning the item due to a defective item, we will pay for return shipping.  If the buyer is just returning an item because they simple don't like it or it didn't suit them, then the buyer will need to pay for return shipping.  Please contact us before shipping your item back.  Often times issue can be resolved with a simple discussion about the issue.  We have a good, solid record of working with customers to ensure you are satisfied.  Please give us a chance to work with you and we think you'll be pleased with the outcome.  
Question: Do you warranty your items?
Answer: Yes! Everything we sell if covered by our 1-Year Hassle Free Guarantee. When you return the item, include a note stating the issue and whether you need the item repaired, exchanged or refunded.  Please see the note above about contacting us first so we can discuss the issue with you and agree on the best way to resolve the issue.  Please note that issues caused by operator error are not covered.  But that does not mean we would try to work with you to resolve the issue!  Please contact us and see how we can help.
Question: What if my items arrives damaged?
Answer: If your item arrives damaged, please send us a picture of the packaging and the item. The more detailed the better to help us understand the extent and cause of the damage. Please email to: and include your name and order number in the email. We will then contact you about how to best resolve the issue.
Question: What if my item is not as described?
Answer: If you open your package and find that it is different than you thought it would be, please contact us so we can work out a solution that will be acceptable. We try very hard to get every order just perfect. But errors may still happen. Please give us a chance to work with you to resolve it. Thank you!
Question: What if part of my order is missing?
Answer: Many of our items come in kits and have many parts to them. If you can't find a part of your order, first, please check every part of your package. We try to offer the best possible shipping and sometimes we put items in random places. Then contact us and let us know exactly what was missing so we can get that item shipped ASAP.

Question: Do orders sometimes come in more than one package?
Answer: Yes! Especially if you purchase multiple items or large items, we may have to send items in more than one box. Please check the item's shipping status in the email you receive.  If it ships in more than one package, it should list more than one tracking number if there is more than one box.