How Do I Know If My Neighborhood Allows Me to Have Chickens?

How Do I Know If My Neighborhood Allows Me to Have Chickens?

For many people, particularly those living in suburban neighborhoods, there is the question of whether or not their neighborhood will allow them to own chickens or other poultry birds. This can not be answered with a general answer, because the rules are different in each area— you will have to find the particular rules for your area on your own. Here is what you need to do. First, use an online search engine to look up ordinance codes for your area. They may or may not be online, and even if they are online, they may be difficult to find and/or understand.

If you don’t find anything, or if you just want to be sure you are right, contact the Health and Zoning Boards in your area. Each of these groups may have rules regulating or outlawing ownership of poultry birds. Also contact a representative from your HOA, if you have one. They often have rules about owning chickens.

Try talking to a city leader or clerk. This may save some time and give you a few useful pointers. This website contains many laws and ordinances for various areas. These will give you a good idea of local laws, but you will probably also want to check for yourself in the city code.

Also, remember to check the rules before you buy chickens or other birds.

Many cities and neighborhoods don’t allow poultry bird ownership, but there are many that just regulate it. It is likely that you will will find limits and rules even if you are allowed to have chickens. These specifications are not usually too difficult to meet.

If chickens and poultry birds are illegal or highly restricted by your local city code, you may be able to change it. Submit a request to the city, and ask for it to be a topic in city council meetings. Getting support from neighbors and friends will probably help; you might try putting together a petition or something like that. With enough luck and support, the rules may be changed.