Update on the IncuView egg incubator

Update on the IncuView egg incubator

Many of our customers have been asking about our soon-to-be released IncuView. The IncuView is an all-in-one egg incubator that has some unique features that we are very excited about. But the main question we are getting is when will it be available? We hoped this would be available for the main incubation season this year. But as is often the case, developing this new product has taken longer than expected. The good news is that we are very close. And the even better news is that our test results have been superb!

This incubator combines some of the best features from some of the best incubators out there and combines them all in one.

Here are some of the key features that we are very excited about. First of all, this is very easy to use. It provides a full panoramic view of what is happening inside the incubator. This is SO cool when it comes time to watch your little chicks break out of their shells. It comes with an integrated universal automatic egg turner. The control module is easy to read and comes pre-set (but easy to adjust, if necessary). The heaters and forced air fan are built in, along with the humidity monitor (hygrometer). It plugs into your wall outlet but converts the power to 12V DC power so it is electrically very safe inside. It can be powered by both 110/120V AC as well as 220/240V AC so it can be used anywhere in the world. And it has a durable plastic shell which makes it easy to clean, easy to store and long lasting.

Perhaps the best feature of all is that it won’t cost a fortune to own! The specific price has not been set yet, but it will be very affordable for the type of incubator that it is.

So far this has been tested with chicken, quail, duck, goose, turkey and pheasant eggs. Please stand by because we are only a few weeks away from making this available.