Introducing the IncuKit

Introducing the IncuKit is happy to introduce the IncuKit(tm)

This is a handy little device designed for the do-it-yourself incubator builder.  It includes a forced air fan, heating system and thermostat all packaged together in a small, handly little bundle that you simply add to your enclosure to make it an incubator.  It's really that easy!

Click here to see a video on how to use the IncuKit(tm): Video

We have two vesions of this kit.  One is a lower power DC version, which will produce about 38 watts of power.  The second is a higher power AC option and will provide over 100 watts of power.   Feel free to email with any question you may have to

UPDATE: There is a revised version of the IncuKit being designed right now!  There will still be a low and a high wattage option, but it will have an electronic thermostat!  You can set the thermostat with the digital readout and you are all set! We are very excited to be able to offer this new version.  Stay tuned for an annoucement on the release date. 

UPDATE: the older vesion of the DC IncuKit has been discontinued in preparation for the launch of the newer version.  The design has passed testing and we're working with the manufacturer for production.  Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Final plans are finished and production is in progress!  We look forward to posting this great new product in the coming weeks!