Little Giant Egg Incubator FAQ

Question 1: what is the differnce between the Little Giant incubator and the Hova Bator incubator?

Answer: They will both hold the same quantity of eggs in the auto egg turners.  There are a few differences.  First, the thermostats are very different.  The Hova Bator uses a mechanical wafer-style thermostat.  It works great but you will need to install it (not very difficult and comes with good instructions).  Setting a precise temperature is a little easier with the HovaBator since you can more the dial a lot and get a little temperature changes.  With the Little Giant, a small movement of the dial can move the temperature a lot which makes precise temperature honing a little trickier.  Once the temperature in each is set, they have both proven to be a very good and reliable thermostats.  The Little Giant has an electronic thermostat that comes preinstalled.  Another difference is that the Hova Bator comes with an easy to clean sanitary liner for the bottom of the incubator.  The Little Giant does not.   Also, the Little Giant viewing windows are larger, but the HovaBator ceiling is higher, which makes goose eggs possible.