Making Fermented and Cultured Food with the IncuKit DC and the 100W IncuKit

Making Fermented and Cultured Food with the IncuKit DC and the 100W IncuKit

Here at we specialize in products designed for incubating different types of eggs. However we have had some customers purchasing some of our items to make fermented/cultured food such as kombucha tea and kefir just to name a couple. The most popular item that we sell for this purpose is our heat mat, but we have also seen customers us the IncuKit DC and the 100 watt IncuKit for this purpose.

The IncuKit line of products was originally designed to be the heart and brains of homemade egg incubators. This line of products is easily mounted into many different containers and would provide the heat, air circulation, and the thermostat control required for incubation; which has made it a popular item for the DIY type of customer.

100 Watt IncuKit

The design of the IncuKit line has also has also made it a great item to make homemade food fermenters and produce cultured food. This is because the digital thermostats that come with the units are able to be set at a wide range of desired temperatures while the circulating fan and heater provides even heat distribution. The two most popular IncuKits with our customers for making fermented and cultured food have been the 40 watt IncuKit DC and the 100 watt IncuKit. This is because they work great for small containers all the way up to large coolers for large batches.

IncuKit DC

Most of our customers who make their own fermenters and cultured food usually install the IncuKit into the lid of the container they are going to be using; making sure they are providing adequate ventilation. They then set the thermostat to the correct temperature, add their ingredients, wait the appropriate time, and then enjoy their favorite fermented or cultured food.