Melon Bowl Slushy

Melon Bowl Slushy


A quick and easy treat to help with the summertime heat waves is a frozen melon bowl. These are simple enough to make unless you want to be extra and make it gourmet...but I will keep it simple. First thing you do is halve a melon, watermelon works the best for this.

Uncut Watermelon


Scoop out all the innards and put them in a big bowl...then smash smash smash. Make sure the innards are now a nice pulp filled slush.

Scooped out watermelon



Dump this back into the melon bowl and freeze overnight. (This melon also has banana and chicken feed mixed in- but you don't need to add anything if you don't want to.)

Frozen melon bowl



Put it out for your flock as it starts to get hot out. This will provide a refreshing and interactive treat for your birds during peak hot days.

Chickens enjoying the melon bowl