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AutoCoop Door & Pop Hole Kit

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  • Designed to help keep your flock safe from predators
  • Ultra Heavy-Duty design (most other designs simple lower door on a string)
  • Customizable timer options
  • Very duable door prevents unwanted break-ins

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Base Kit (Rails, Door, Motor, Hardware)
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2 rails (anodized aluminum h-channel). each is 24" long. Sliding door (high strength, weather-proof fiberglass with ultra-smooth finish), 13" x 10" Heavy Duty door opening/closing motor Note: Red Wall Panel not included

Select Controller
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  • Works with the Advanced Auto Coop Door Kit
  • Comes with a quick connect adapter for the actuator
  • Easy to set 24hr Digital Timer
  • Programmable to the Minute
  • Set to open in the morning and close at night
  • Simple installation
  • Operates on safe 12 volt power

Power Source
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Power Supply for AutoCoop Door Kits
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Features Include:

  • Designed to work with the AutoCoop Automatic Coop Door and LayLight
  • Battery and charge controller Included
  • 10 Watt Solar Panel
  • Solar Panel Mounting Hardware
  • Weather Resistant Case
  • Extension Cords to Connect the Automatic Coop Door and LayLight

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AutoCoop Door & Pop Hole Kit
AutoCoop Door & Pop Hole Kit

In stock



    AutoCoop Chicken Coop Door Kits

    The AutoCoop door kit was designed to help keep your flock safe from predators.  For chicken coops or any other need you may have for a small, sliding door. The chicken coop door is depicted as vertical, however, if desired, the door will work horizontally as well.  

    Each Kit contains:
    1.)  2 rails (anodized aluminum channel rail), each is 24” long
    2.)  Sliding door (high strength, weather-proof fiberglass with ultra-smooth finish), 13” x 10”. 
    3.)  AutoCoop Heavy Duty Motor (sized for this specific door configuration),  300mm stroke
    4.)  Mounting hardware
    5.)  Power supply (12VDC)

    Optional Accessories:

    AutoCoop Automatic Door Controller with timer

    With this automatic timer you can set the time you'd like the coop door to open/close each day.

    Please note: If a controller is NOT selected for the AutoCoop Kit the buyer is responsible for determining how to activate the actuator.  For example, whether to use a manual switch, timers, power relay, etc. The device used to operate the door must be able to switch the polarity to the actuator to open and close it. There are many ideas online showing how to do this.  

    Red Wall Panel not included

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    Customer Questions
    Can this door be mounted on exterior of Coop? Does it operate on 12 volt power?

    The coop door can be mounted on either the interior or exterior as long as the actuator, power supply, and control module are protected from the elements. The actuator is operated by 12 volt power. The kit comes with a power converter that converts 110...

    Does the timer have a backup battery inside it?

    Yes, there is a back up battery for the timer in case power goes out.

    Do you make a taller and wider door?

    The door that is included is 10" w x 12" h. However, you could use a larger door than this as long as the actuator is mounted correctly.

    What voltage does this take?

    This unit comes with a 12 volt DC power supply that can be used in a 110v plug-in or hooked up to solar power.

    The door opener has the time on it, but I can't get any of the programming buttons to work.

    The new controller comes with a built in screen lock. Simply press the C?R button 4 times to unluck it and gain access to settings changes.

    Can you program the actuator to open to a distance other than 100% open?

    Unfortunately we do not offer a way to adjust the stroke of the actuator arm, it is either fully open or fully closed.

    What happens if a chicken stands in the door and won't move?

    The actuator is a screw driven unit. It does not have a pressure sensor so anything left in the doorway during the 30 second closing cycle can get caught in its path. We cover this in the set up information and always suggest the door closes after dark...

    Can I buy just the door and rails? I have the motor.

    Yes you can! We have a Starter Chicken Coop Door Kit. It contains just the door and rails. Link:

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