HovaBator Quail Egg Racks (6)


HovaBator Quail Egg Racks (6)



  • Set of six quail rails
  • Easy to install into Hova-Bator automatic egg turners
  • Holds 120 quail or other small eggs
  • Made of durable, dishwasher-safe plastic
  • Purchase includes Two Year IncuCare Warranty
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During incubation, eggs must be turned several times a day to prevent the yolk from settling on one side and to exercise the embryo. Turning the eggs by hand can be very time-consuming. The Hova-Bator Automatic Egg Turner saves you time and hassle by automatically rotating the eggs 6 times every day. This purchase ONLY includes small egg racks (no turner). With these quail racks in place, the turner will hold 120 quail eggs.

Additional accessories can be purchased for your incubator to improve your hatch rate and your overall experience, including Goose egg racks, the Egg-O-Meter thermometer, and the Incu-Bright egg candler.

Purchase includes Two Year IncuCare Warranty.

User Guide [PDF]

These egg racks are NOT compatible with the Little Giant Egg Turner or IncuTurn Egg Turner.

SKU : 1686


Weight : 1.05 lb


DIMENSIONS : 15" x 15" x 3"

MATERIAL : Thermoplastic

MODEL : 1686

VOLTAGE : North America (110/120 Volt AC)

Color : Yellow

Capacity : 120


Ask a Question
  • Will these fit the 1611 egg turner?

    Yes, these egg racks are manufactured specifically for use with the 1611 egg turner.

  • Does this fit the Hova-bator 1602N thermal air?

    Yes, since all tabletop Hova-Bators have the same dimension bottom shell, this product will fit any Hova-Bator model. Whether if it's the 1602N thermal or the digital 1588 Genesis, this is guaranteed to fit all Hova-Bators.

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