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Power Supply & Cord for Nurture Right 360 Incubator
$24.99 $31.99
Replacement Power Supply for Nurture Right 360 Incubator. High Quality Incubator Warehouse Replacement (NOT OEM). Color: Black Standard 2-Prong U.S. Design. 110V-240V AC power input 12V 5A DC output.
Powerful Axial Fan for Cabinet Egg Incubator 110V AC
This fan is made with durable ball bearings for long life. Mounting holes on each corner make mounting in your incubator very easy. Just wire into your incubator so the fan is always on to keep your cabinet incubator temperature uniform. We also sell a 220V version for international use. 110V AC, 80-105 CFM, 0.25 Amps, 22 Watts Purchase includes Two Year IncuCare Warranty.
IncuStat™ Basic for IncuKit XL
  Incubator Warehouse's Digital Electronic Egg Incubator Thermostat for IncuKit XL Description: This thermostat is very simple to use. Just press the up arrow to set the temperature (in 0.1 degree increments). There is a flame indicator on the screen that shows when the heater is operating. The unit has an 18 inch remote sensor that is placed inside the incubator. The white thermostat case is then mounted on the outside of the incubator. Finally you can measure the temperature right next to your eggs, not the air at the top of the incubator. This can be set to read in Celsius or Fahrenheit Comes preset to 99.5 (this means that if you lose power the thermostat will come back on set to 99.5) - Preset to 37.5 in Celsius mode Digital readout displays temperature to the tenth of a degree (examples: 98.0, 99.5) If the temperature goes over 99.9, it reads: 00.1, 00.2, 00.3, etc Designed specifically for incubators, great for small incubators AND cabinet incubators (can switch heating elements up to 225 Watts) Remote Temperature Sensor (18 inches long) 110V AC Power Temperature Switching Differential = 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit. This means if the thermostat is set to 99.5 the thermostat will turn the heat on when the thermostat sensor reads below 99.3 and turn off when the sensor reads above 99.7. NOTE: It is normal for the thermostat to turn the heater off and still have the air temperature increase a little bit. This happens because as the power to the heater turns off, the heater is still hot and will heat the air around it. The same is true when the heater turns back on: the temperature may decrease a little more as the heater gets back up to temperature. The amount this happens will depend on the thermal mass of your heating element and the amount of circulation in your incubator. Keep in mind that the air temperature may vary without a negative impact to the eggs if the variation is rapid enough to not allow the egg to heat or cool more than it should. As long as the up and down cycle is relatively small, is less than a few minutes, and the average air temperature is at your target temperature, the temperature inside your egg (which is what really matters) will be just fine! This is true with any incubator and egg configuration. Calibration Enabled. This means that you can calibrate the thermostat to a specific temperature. For example: If you have a thermometer that you trust and the digital thermostat reads a little different, you can calibrate the thermostat to match the trusted thermometer (calibrate in 0.1 degree increments up to +/- 5 degrees) Wiring and operation instructions included. It also includes instructions for installing an incubator fan, if desired. Key lock feature allows you to set the temperature and lock the keys so it cannot be changed without unlocking the keys (keys are locked by pressing both up and down buttons for 5 seconds).  
IncuView/IncuKit MINI Power Supply
Genuine power supply for the IncuView and IncuKit Mini. 110V-240V AC power input 12V 5A DC output.
IncuKit Heating Wafer
IncuKit Heating Wafer
Power Supply for the KEBONNIXS Incubator
Power supply for the KEBONNIXS incubator. 110V-240V AC power input 12V DC output. Compatible with models KDI-12 & KDI12

When evaluating the cost of an egg incubator, it is important to consider the accessories you plan to buy. There are many egg incubator accessories that can improve the incubation process.  The most common incubator accessories are egg turnersforced air fan kitsegg candlersincubator thermostats & incubator thermometers.  Even though you can purchase a high-quality egg incubator for around $40, customers usually find it least expensive to buy an egg incubator combo kit that includes everything they need.  

Believe it or not an egg must be turned at least 2-3 times per day to prevent the embryo from sticking to the side of the shell.  This is accomplished by turning the eggs by hand or by using an automatic egg turner.  Automatic egg turners work by rocking or rolling the eggs to keep the embryo from sticking to the shell.  A very slow RPM motor is used to automate the egg turner.  

An egg candler (sometimes called an egg tester or egg testing light) is used to illuminate an egg so you can see the developing embryo inside the egg.  When using an egg candler you will be able to see the developing veins & eventually movement of the developing bird.  We believe that the best egg candler for the money is the IncuBright Egg Candler.  See pictures and instructions for using an Egg Candler.

An incubator thermostat is the most critical component inside an egg incubator.  Finding the right thermostat can be very difficult.  There are several types of incubator thermostats: Bi-metal Incubator Thermostat (sometimes called a incubator wafer thermostat), On/Off Electronic Incubator Thermostat, & Proportional Incubator Thermostat.  The most accurate and consistent type of incubator thermostat is the Proportional Incubator Thermostat because it keeps a more constant temperature by turning the power to the heater up or down instead of turning it on and off.  Bi-Metal & Electronic on/off incubator thermostats also work well, but they require the correct amount of heater wattage to avoid excess overshooting or undershooting of the incubator thermostat set-point.