IncuKit™ XL for Cabinet Incubators



IncuStat™ Basic for IncuKit XL IncuStat™ Advanced for IncuKit XL

Fan/Heater Unit

1 x Fan/Heater Unit for IncuKit™ XL 2 x Fan/Heater Unit for IncuKit™ XL

Egg Turner Motor

none Cabinet Egg Turner Motor 110V AC | 1 RPM

IncuKit™ XL for Cabinet Incubators



IncuStat™ Basic for IncuKit XL IncuStat™ Advanced for IncuKit XL

Fan/Heater Unit

1 x Fan/Heater Unit for IncuKit™ XL 2 x Fan/Heater Unit for IncuKit™ XL

Egg Turner Motor

none Cabinet Egg Turner Motor 110V AC | 1 RPM
  • All-in-one Egg Incubator Control Unit
  • For Mid-Size & Cabinet Incubators
  • Choose Basic or Advanced thermostat module
  • Digital electronic pre-set (99.5 F) thermostat
  • Option to use 1 or 2 heater and fan modules (125 watts or 250 watts)
  • Integrated heaters with safety thermal switch included
  • Large high output axial fan with safety guard
  • Mounting hardware & operating instructions included
  • Incubator Warehouse's 2 Year IncuCare Warranty! 
  • For the IncuKit XL for reptile incubators click here
  • Voltage requirement: 110/120VAC Click here to see the 220V International Version.
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The IncuKit XL ™ is an all-in-one kit designed to be the heart and brains of a homemade cabinet incubator. It allows you to convert a cabinet-sized enclosure into an incubator! To make your own incubator, you can use anything from an old refrigerator to a custom built cabinet! Simply choose your enclosure and install your IncuKit XL™ unit inside. Pretty cool? Well, actually it's pretty hot and it works very well.

The IncuKit XL™ series has been redesigned to provide you with more options and versatility!

First, select which style of thermostat is best for you:

  • Basic Thermostat module: This is a standard on/off thermostat. This means that when the temperature hits a certain point, it turns the heater off and then back on full power once the temperature drops below a certain point. It will control the heater. This comes pre-set to 99.5 degrees F.
  • Advanced Thermostat module: This is a proportional thermostat. As the temperature gets closer to the target temperature, it begins tapering off the power to the heater. This provides more precise control and provides lower temperature variation in the incubator. This unit also has a count-down hatch timer and provides the option to control an egg turner motor, if you choose to use one. This comes pre-set to 99.5 degrees F

Second, select how many heater and fan modules your container will require:

  • The number of heater and fan modules will be determined by the size of your container, how well it is insulated and the temperature outside the incubator. The IncuKit XL™ can be configured with one or two heater and fan modules, depending on these factors.
  • Each heater and fan module will provide 125 watts of power. For medium size containers this may be all you need. For larger containers, you can add a second module to add an additional 125 watts of power.
  • Do determine which option is best for you, a simple light bulb test will help. Get light bulbs that will generate enough heat to easily warm your incubator to at least 100 degrees F. See how many watts are required and that will help you know which option to select.
  • The buyer is responsible for determining if this will generate enough heat for your enclosure.

Caution: this is an AC powered device that you will be mounting in your incubator yourself. You must use a great deal of common sense when dealing with electrical devices. Electricity is wonderful but can be very dangerous. Use caution, common sense and if in doubt, ASK AN EXPERT!!!

The IncuKit includes the following:

  • Electronic Pre-Set thermostat designed specifically for incubators by (see details below)
  • Each heater and fan module includes a high-output 120mm AC fan with protective screen, an integrated 125 watt heater with built-in safety thermal switch and mounting plate
  • All mounting hardware
  • Installation and operating instructions

Easy to install and set up. All mounting hardware needed is included. And our step-by-step video makes it easy to install. Just mount the heater and fan module, mount the thermostat, connect them together and then plug it in. It's so easy!!


Simple to install! See this instructional video to see how simple it is to install this in your home-made incubator:

If you find that your particular incubator needs more air circulation (a common issue in odd-shaped incubators), we offer 92mm and 120mm AC fans.




Weight : 2.3 lb




Ask a Question
  • Do you do a 220 volt version for overseas?

    We do sell the IncuKit™ XL for Cabinet Incubators in 220V. Here is a link to the product page:

  • Another question, does the fan stay on continually or is it only on when the fan is running? What kind of heat source does the unit have? Thanks again .

    The IncuKit XL is designed to have the fan constatly run and there is not an option to turn off the fan. The heating element for the IncuKit XL is what is called a mica heater which puts out 125 watts of heat.

  • A couple questions.Is the temperature adjustable and if so how much adjustment is there. (Im sure it is but thought i should ask)If I hook this to one of your egg turner motors can the control unit control how many times the eggs are turned in a day or does it just keep the motor on?

    The temperature adjustment would depent on which thermostat was selected. Either thermostat can be set to a range of 60-110 degrees F. The IncuStat basic only provides power for a turner motor but does not control the motor while the IncuStat Advanced is able to control a turner motor. 

  • Can the temperature probe be extended? (i.e. is it resistive or thermocouple junction?)

    The temperature probe on the thermostats is a thermocouple. They can be extended as long as the same gauge of wire is used. If extended this can make the calibration off a little The thermostats may then need to be re-calibrated to an accurate thermometer.

  • How do I determine what wattage of heating element I will need for my incubator?

    One of the simplest ways to determine what size of heating element you need in an incubator is what we call the light bulb test. To perform this test, you simply place a light bulb(s) in the incubator with the approximate wattage that you think will work. If this heats the incubator to or a little above the desired set temperature approximately the same wattage of heating element will also work. If it goes over by a lot than you will want a lower wattage heating element. If it takes a long time to heat up or never reaches the desired temp you will need a larger heating element.

  • What size of an incubator will the IncuKit heat?

    There is not a predetermined size that the IncuKit will work for. This is because each incubator is built different and it is impossible to know which IncuKit will work for each design. There are several factors that will affect which IncuKit you will need to consider. A couple of these are the size, dimensions, and insulation. A good general rule of thumb for each size IncuKit is:

    IncuKit Mini- Table top size incubators like a HovaBator or Little Giant

    IncuKit XL With 1 x Heater/Fan – Approximately an incubator the size of an apartment refrigerator

    IncuKit XL With 2 x Heater/Fans – Approximately the size of a GQF Sportsman Cabinet incubator

    Before selecting an IncuKit we recommend performing a light bulb test to determine what wattage of heating element you will need. Click here to learn about the light bulb test.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
bull dog
mini fridge

great product. way to big for mini fridge. temp stayed above 104 deg. 2 days of testing. wound up having to go with a 25 watt unit out of a hoverbator. i tried everything to get the incukit to work. best i can tell once temps have settled. residual heat from unit and fan keep the fridge temp above 104. unit works proper. would work great in plywood box. not a mini fridge, to well insulated. even with ventilation holes. holes move enough air to blow out a lighter.


I have a Rite Farm PRO - 528 and the controller is horrible, it over heats by a degree or two on every heat cycle, then the exhaust fan cools it and removes 95% of the humidity....terribly inaccurate.

I received the Incukit and installed it in the Rite Farm PRO - 528 in under an hour. The kit is very simple and with some of my wire ties to route the wires it was very quickly and easily installed. I put in two heater fans, one on each end of the incubator, one over the water trough (4 in off the bottom) and the other at the bottom.

The performance has been incredibly stable, we are thrilled with how smooth the temperature swings are, literally the IncuKit is holding the temperature to 0.1 degrees of swing...compared to up to 5 degrees of swing before. (We chart temps every minute from all of our incubators).

Highly recommend this product, it appears to be great quality and and outstanding performance so far.

Very Impressed!

Prior to purchasing the IncuStat Advanced system with two fan/heater units, I emailed Incubator Warehouse with a couple of questions and received a reply very quickly. Shipping was quick and I received the system today. Total install time, including cutting the hole and mounting the control unit and both fan units, was less than 20 minutes. I built a cabinet incubator thats 16"x24"x33" with a 14"×12"×20" side electrical panel box. Internal cabinet temperature at start up was 64.2 degrees and the proportional IncuStat system began heating the box right away and started decreasing the heater percentage as the temperature neared the 99.5 degree preset. In six minutes, the system leveled off at 99.5 and never exceeded that number. Once the box reached the preset, the temperature was maintained in a very tight range of 99.2 to 99.5. So far, I'm impressed with the company and blown away by the simplicity and value of this product. No question about it, this was a great purchase!

love the product

great poduct price sucks! but to be fair if have the time the right material , and the right idea, very important you can make a kick A incubator

Best DIY kit on the market!

I just built my second cabinet using this kit along with the advanced thermostat. I cannot think of any other place I would want to get my incubator components from than IW. From the speedy handling of orders, the the hands-down best service assistance available, the choice is really clear. These guys go above and beyond to make sure you're satisfied with their products. The prices for the quality of items are very reasonable, too. I highly recommend this kit, and I highly recommend shopping with Incubator Warehouse!!!