Cabinet Egg Turner Motor 110V AC | 1 RPM


Cabinet Egg Turner Motor 110V AC | 1 RPM

  • High Torque (60lbs/in)
  • Cabinet Egg Turner Motor
  • 1 RPM
  • Hole in Shaft for easy Turner Shaft Linkage
  • Works with IncuStat Advanced & IncuKit XL Advanced
  • Incubator Warehouse 1 Year Hassle Free Guarantee
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This Egg Turner Motor is perfect for cabinet egg incubator applications, providing very high torque (60 lbs/in) it can easily turn a variety of egg turner designs. The motor is 1 RPM (makes 1 revolution per minute), so it is best used with a timer to prevent overturning your eggs. This motor works great with the IncuStat Advanced & IncuKit XL Advanced because they have built in egg turner timer controls.  Motor shaft has a D shape and also a hole through the shaft for easy egg turner linkage.  110V AC Power.

SKU : 1301


Weight : 0.62 lb


MODEL : Cabinet Egg Turner Motor

VOLTAGE : North America (110/120 Volt AC)

Color : Black


Ask a Question
  • How many pounds can it turn?

    There is not a specified weight rating for this motor. This is because how much weight it can turn will depend on the design of the incubator. If the turner is well balanced than it can turn a lot of weight. If the design puts a lot of torque on the motor it will turn much less.

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