Incubator Warehouse Clear Automatic Humidity & Water Reserve System for GQF Cabinet Incubators (Replaces 3030)


Incubator Warehouse Clear Automatic Humidity & Water Reserve System for GQF Cabinet Incubators (Replaces 3030)

  • 5-gallon reserve tank that works with all GQF cabinet incubators
  • The clear bucket allows for ease of seeing the current water level and snap-open lid makes refilling easier than ever
  • Connecting tubing with quick disconnect coupling and tubbing crimp to block flow from the reserve while disconnected
  • Mounting clip for the float easily attaches to the humidity pan in your GQF cabinet
  • Easy to setup and saves you the trouble of opening your cabinet to check and refill your humidity pan
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The Clear Automatic Humidity & Water Reserve System for GQF Cabinet Incubators makes incubating easier and more efficient than ever! To check the water level simply look at the water reserve and the clear walls make it easy to see the water level. Simple as that! Using this product allows you to keep your humidity pan at a steady level without having to open your incubator frequently and letting all the humid warm air out. It helps keep the environment inside your cabinet more consistent throughout your hatch.

The float mounts to the side of your existing humidity pan in your cabinet. No modifications necessary! Water can be heavy in large quantities so to refill your reserve you can easily add water simply by opening the convenient lid of the reserve and pouring more water in. You can also disconnect the reserve and refill it that way. Our goal is to make your incubation experience easier and more convenient for you. This product delivers just that!

As always, all our products are covered by our 1-year Hassle-Free Guarantee. Purchase today with no worries and experience the simplicity of the Clear Automatic Humidity & Water Reserve System.

SKU : 3031


Weight : 4.3 lb


MATERIAL : Plastic

MODEL : 3031


Capacity : 5 Gallon

Window Size : Full 360-Viewing


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Excellent product

Cannot say enough positive things about this. Yes it is a bucket with tubing, connectors, and a float valve. I did look into making one of my own, but after buying all of the pieces, it is really not much cheaper than this. And this is so much better than what I can make! The clear bucket is really much more helpful than I would have expected. I also find that the rectangular shape of the bucket makes it easier to fit into places. The connectors work well and the attachment to the water pan in my GFQ incubator is flawless. I don't even know where I could find that particular piece myself. I have used this through two hatches now and it works wonderfully. My incubator cannot maintain the humidity for the three to four days necessary for lockdown without a refill of water. So I always had to try and time it to get more water in right before I got any pips. this has completely changed that into a loaded and leave it situation, which I really appreciate.