Hova Bator Low Voltage Genesis Egg Incubator 1588

$165.00 $180.00 -9% OFF

Hova Bator Low Voltage Genesis Egg Incubator 1588

$165.00 $180.00 -9% OFF


  • Excellent for all experience levels

  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Soft-Air fan technology gently circulates air
  • Fan can be turned off
  • Without turner, holds 50 chicken size eggs or 140 quail size eggs
  • 12 Volt system safe and TUV listed
  • Works with 110V and 220V power
  • Purchase includes Two Year IncuCare Warranty

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The HovaBator Genesis Egg incubator has a digital control center that displays temperature, humidity and a day counter. The temperature is preset to 100°F but can be adjusted, and display can be switched between Fahrenheit and Celsius. The fan can be turned on and off as needed. The Day Counter helps you to keep track of how many days your eggs have been incubating.

This incubator is excellent for all experience levels, from the classroom to the farmer. The adjustable thermostat can be set as low as 80°F and the fan can be turned off for use with reptiles. Soft-Air fan technology provides needed oxygen and refreshes air without forcing air directly on the eggs. Automatic Turners available for purchase for poultry and game bird eggs. Without an automatic turner in place, the incubator will hold 50 large chicken sized eggs or 140 quail sized eggs. Includes a 12V DC power converter for both 110V AC and 220/240V AC, thermometer, liner, and instructions. The 12 Volt system is safe and TUV listed.


Purchase includes Two Year IncuCare Warranty.

SKU : 1588


Weight : 4.75 lb


DIMENSIONS : 20" x 20" x 6"

MATERIAL : Styrofoam

MODEL : 1588

Color : White

Capacity : 42-120

Sanitation Liner : Yes

Thermostat Type : Electronic Preset

Window Size : 12" x 12"

Circulated Air : Yes

Style : Tabletop


Ask a Question
  • Can an incubator purchase be financed?

    Unfortunately, we do not do any financing for any of our products. Credit cards will be your best bet if you are hoping to pay off an order.

  • My house is cool in winter. Can I put a blanket over the Incuview Incubator to insulate it?

    This is an excellent question. If you are unable to keep the room temperature up in the room where the incubator is, you can definitely add some extra insulation. Insulation could be a blank, rag, Styrofoam, etc. As you insulate your incubator it is very important to keep in mind the need for ventilation. It is very easy to cut off air flow when adding insulation. However you choose to insulate make sure air can still freely flow in and out of your incubator.

  • How does humidity work in incubation and hatching? Do you need different amounts of humidity for incubation and hatching?

    Proper temperature and humidity levels are very important for a successful incubation. If either one of these numbers are significantly off it can ruin an entire incubator full of eggs. In this answer I will go over 6 tips for more accurate manual humidity control while incubating. Make sure you have done your research and understand the basics of incubation, it is important to have some knowledge of what you are doing before you even think about firing up your incubator. 1. Making sure you have the proper tools is important to any successful incubation. To properly read your humidity levels you will want to use a hygrometer. This is a tool for measuring humidity levels and is a necessity for incubation. Accurately knowing your humidity levels will help to increase hatch rates. 2. Different species of eggs may require different humidity levels. It is very important to research your species and the humidity levels recommended. 3. Most incubators come with a built-in water reservoir in the base of the unit…many of these bases have several small reservoirs for holding water. We suggest starting with the smallest water reservoir, add enough water to fill it and then let your incubator run for about 30 minutes. After the unit has had time to warm up and stabilize check your readings. You may find that your readings are too low, if this is the case add water to the next reservoir and repeat the above process. If your readings are too high you can add a new dry sponge to the incubator to help absorb any excess moisture. 4. All reservoirs filled and still low on humidity? Add a shallow/wide container of water to the incubator or, if there is not enough room a clean wet sponge will do the trick. Remember its surface area not depth that affects humidity production. 5. Need less humidity but you only have water in the smallest reservoir? To cut down on the exposed surface area of the water and reduce humidity levels add some pieces of styrofoam to the reservoir. 6. Several different models of incubators require you to remove the lid to add more water to the reservoirs. This can cause dramatic fluctuations in temperature and humidity. By attaching a 12 inch length of aquarium airline hose to the end of a clean condiment style squeeze bottle you can fill the reservoirs via the vent hole on the top of the incubator.

  • If an incubator doesn’t work, can it be returned?

    We stand behind our customers here at Incubator warehouse. We always recommend contacting the customer service agents about issues. If it is something that cannot be fixed and it is within warranty products can be returned when verified by a customer service agent.

  • Is this a proportional thermostat?

    As far as we know It is not a proportional thermostat. GQF does not advertise it to be proportional.

  • How many watts is this and does this take 12 Volt DC?

    The HovaBator 1588 runs at roughly 50 watts. All of the components on the incubator do operate on 12 Volt DC power but there is a power converter included that allows the incubator to operate on 110 Volt or 220 Volt AC power.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
The only one I use

My only issue is the price for what it is, otherwise, this one is the only one I use. I get great hatch rates and that's what is important!

Great buy... We LOVE both of ours!

I liked mine so much that I bought another one. I have had them for several years now and have hatched hundreds of chicks and ducklings, and several goslings in them. I always have a great hatch as long as the eggs are fertile. The temp and humidity settings are right on! I use them at home and in my classroom. Great buy... you won’t be disappointed!

Best unit I have used.

Set up out of the box was great. When compared to two separate thermal sensors, the incubator sensor was within 2 tenths of a degree. The control system works great. Control system does not vary when incubator is just loaded with eggs or is loaded with an egg turner and eggs. Great unit.

So far so good, maybe needs a little improvement

This is my first incubator. It came highly recommended by many other experienced hatchers. First, I purchased with a turner and several of the arms were broken in shipment and had to be replaced. The company shipped out replacements very quickly which was a huge plus. The arms seemed pretty cheaply made. There was no damage on box.
Next, I have used for a few hatches now. I like the digital thermostat and temp. It seems to keep temp pretty darn close to set temp. I also like that it has a digital readout for humidity.
A couple concerns: Adding water when you have it full of eggs without getting eggs wet. Maybe I am missing something, but it is precarious at best.
Another thing is opening the top. What does everyone else use? I usually have to dig my finger nails into the Styrofoam to get a grip. then set it to the side. It would be nice to have a hinge or something.
Lastly, something else to improve on is cleaning the hatching tray. The wire seems difficult to clean well after 'stuff' has been baked on to it for a few days. It doesn't seem sturdy enough to scrub hard without breaking.
Another thing is being able to see into incubator without opening lid. I would think they could create a completely see through top for easy viewing.
I have had a couple good hatches with it and many others rave about it and say its the best. I can't compare to others.

good product

1st hatch 16 out of 21. Temp held ro 1 tenth of 1 degree. Very pleased.