AccuHatch Digital Egg Incubator Ultimate Combo Kit


AccuHatch Digital Egg Incubator Ultimate Combo Kit

  • Forced fan for air circulation
  • Automatic egg turner
  • Built-in hygrometer for accurate humidity readings
  • 3 Section Humidity Tray with overflow ports for easy humidity adjustments
  • Adjustable egg turner tray that adjusts to egg sizes
  • Durable plastic design for incubator strength, insulation, and longevity
  • All plastic design for easier cleanup
  • See through base design
  • Hatching Guide Book
  • EZ-Clean Chick Brush
  • IncuBright Egg Candler
  • Ez Water Filler
  • IncuTimer Hatch Countdown Timer
  • Feeder & Waterer Starter Kit
  • InstaBrooder pen with Vrooder Heat Plate
  • 2 Year IncuCare Warranty
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If you’re looking for a small easy-to-use incubator with all needed Incubation Accessories then look no further than the AccuHatch Deluxe Combo Kit. This kit Includes:

AccuHatch Egg Incubator

The AccuHatch uses CIRCULATED AIR FLOW. The heating bands above the fan unit gently warm the inside of the incubator as the fan circulates the air in your incubator for an even temperature throughout. This incubator is made of a durable thick plastic making it last longer, retain heat better, and be much easier to clean after your eggs hatch. It also includes a clear base for 360 degree viewing around your incubator sides. 2 tray levels included. 1 for incubation and another for hatching in those final days when you remove the turner tray. The AccuHatch incubator includes a water tray with 3 sections to easily control humidity. With 3 different sized reservoirs it is simple to get your humidity level adjusted. Simply pour water in the main reservoir until it is full. If you need more humidity, just keep adding and water and it will will spill over into the medium and then the large reservoir through the integrated EZ overflow ports. The built-in hygrometer helps you keep the humidity in the right range for a great hatch. The AccuHatch will hold approximately 9-12 Chicken, 6 Duck size eggs, 3 Goose eggs or 20 Quail size eggs with the automatic egg turner.

Incubator Warehouse Hatch Guidebook

This illustrated 28-page book is the printed version of our 4 Part Intro to Hatching YouTube Series (see video links below). It gives a basic introduction to incubating eggs and brooding chicks.

YouTube Video Series

Incubator Warehouse EZ-Clean Chick Brush for Cleaning Incubators & Eggs

Cute Chick Brush for cleaning incubator or Eggs. 3 in x 4 in

IncuBright™ Egg Candler

One of the most exciting parts of incubating eggs is being able to watch the embryo progress during the various development stages. The IncuBright™ egg candler makes this joy possible by providing an easy and effective way to candle your eggs. It uses the latest in LED light technology, having one super bright CREE bulb the IncuBright™ illuminates your eggs for easy viewing, even with dark or large eggs. It has the only universal silicone rubber egg protector ring that lets you candle any size egg and is cordless making it easy use (batteries included).

E-Z Water Filler

The EZ Incubator Water Trough Filler makes the task of adding water accurately to any incubator a breeze. No more spilling water, overfilling, or guessing where your water will go.

IncuTimer™ Egg Incubator Hatch Countdown Timer

The IncuTimer™ was developed to make incubation of eggs easier. This simple and easy to use countdown timer helps you keep track of the time till your incubating eggs hatch. It has a maximum of 90-days and displays your remaining time till hatch in days, hours, and minutes. When the countdown reaches 0 the alarm will sound alerting you. For convenience we have added the hatch times for some of the most common and popular birds incubated these days. This makes it easier to know what to set your timer for when you place your eggs into the egg incubator. Instructions on how to operate are located on the back of each unit so you never have to worry about keeping up with an instruction sheet.

Feeder & Waterer Kit

The Incubator Warehouse feeder and waterer kit provides you with the essential supplies to feed and water your new birds after they hatch.

  • Double-Tuf 1.5-quart poultry waterer
  • Double-Tuf 1.5 lb. poultry feeder
  • 1 - Pack of Waterer Stones- reflective color attracts birds
  • 1 - Packet of poultry electrolyte
  • 1 - Pack of high protein starter food - not included for shipments outside of US & Canada
  • 1 - Set of feeding instructions for birds

InstaBrooder™ with Vrooder™ Heater Plate

  • Incubator Warehouse Insta Brooder™ Pen with a Removable Mesh Top
  • 2 Disposable Brooder Liners for Easy Cleanup.
  • The Vrooder™, The Brooder Heater Plate with a View (Accommodates up to 30 baby chicks)

The InstaBrooder™ with Vrooder™ is an Incubator Warehouse exclusive. Pops open and sets up in an instant. Can hold up to 30 Chicks. Mesh roof zips closed to keep the chickens in and predators out. Easy cord access in the bottom corner allows the Vrooder™ cord to run out and Velcro’s shut to keep chicks in. Disposable Liners make clean up a breeze. InstaBrooder™ folds up to smaller than a purse for easy storage.

Insta Brooder Pen Dimensions: 36 X 36 X 18 in.

Vrooder™ Dimensions: 14.5" x 14.5" x 12.5". Power Spec: 110V AC, 40 Watts.

NOT INTENDED FOR USE OUTDOORS (Garage/Barn are ok if temperatures do not drop below 25 degrees Fahrenheit).

The AccuHatch Deluxr Kit is an ideal small incubator complete kit for anyone new to hatching eggs. For those with experience it can also be an easy alternative for smaller egg batches and still get the maximum experience out of your incubator. As with all the products we sell, the AccuHatch Deluxe Kit is covered by our Two-Year IncuCare Warranty. Purchase today with no worries and experience the AccuHatch incubator for yourself!

International Customers

This incubator uses 110 Volt AC Power. For international customers (220/240V) please purchase the international power converter to maintain product warranty.

SKU : 1480U



MODEL : AccuHatch

VOLTAGE : North America (110/120 Volt AC)

WATT : <60W

Capacity : 9-12 Chicken, 6 Duck size eggs, 3 Goose eggs or 20 Quail size eggs with the automatic egg turner.

Thermostat Type : Digital

Window Size : 2.5 in height window with 360 degree view

Circulated Air : Yes


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